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April 24, 2006



Wow. I am bitter. I really have no desire to hear Elton yap about marriage. What's wrong with me?


Scott A

Ya know I haven't even watched the clip yet but because of all the other stuff that has happened to her in the past I'm already scared that if Ellen approaches anything gay she will get herself in "trouble" again. Maybe that isn't a valid fear but now to watch ze clip... Oh and I love the idea of a Lestat musical, I hope it's good.


Many friends and Broadway people I know have absolutely nothing good to say about Lestat. It's a mess. One friend said the story had been even more "fagified."


Sheesh, these freakin' comments "fagified", "Ellen getting into trouble again" "not wanting to hear Elton yap about marriage" - Canada (yes, the US's neighbor), the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain all have "gay marriage" and several other European countries have varying degrees of civil partnerships, including the UK which has most of the rights of "marriage". Call it what you will. Be happy for Elton and his "marriage". Be very sad for and get angry about the US and its step back in civil rights, instead of forward, when it comes to this topic.

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