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April 13, 2006


Jack Malebranche

Obviously, the solution is for us to recruit more actively.

I bet if we really put our minds to it, we could recruit more than they could.

I mean...they offer what? A life of guilt-ridden piety, repentance and a sexually conservative wife who probably prefers beaver?

We offer the Joey & Chandler lifestyle, only with hot, unrepentant sex and without the creepy incestuous girfriends-across-the-hall drama. Watch TV in seperate recliners, hit it during the commercial break, make a sandwich.

Seriously, what's not to love?

North Dallas Thirty

"Joey and Chandler"?

Dear God, I'll go shoot myself right now.

Scott A

How do they "change" anyone? I've only heard stories that the temptations are their but that you don't put youself in situations that would encourage those "bad feelings". Are there other more righteous technique to induce the "change" ? I'm really curious, not for "change" but just to know what we have to go up against. I also found the part of the quote "Students will also learn to respect others who have chosen to not adopt a gay identity." from Regina Griggs to be disturbing, as she is pointing out those who don't change will not get respect. I don't have a gay identity, I don't carry a card, I don't wear tight pink spandex or talk effeminetly. It doesn't define me, it's one part of me. Why can't they see that too?

Scott A

Oops, a few corrections: "there" instead of "their" and I also have friends who do fit some of the stereotypes and I love them just the same. ;-)

Jack Malebranche

Dear God, I'll go shoot myself right now.

It was a joke.

But if you want to make it count, put the barrel in your mouth.


Not to be a jerk, but isn't self-aware irony so 2002? I mean, that's now the realm of emo kids, not world class copyright violating gay blogs. That being said, don't ever change.


Well, I only started blogging in 2004, so that's a lot of failed expectations to catch up on.

Jack Malebranche

Given how quickly trends cycle these days, doesn't that mean that self-aware irony should be back, or that what's happening here is on the bleeding edge?

But I thought self-aware irony was more late 1990s...

Then after 9/11 there was a post-ironic period where everything that used to be tongue in cheek became superficial and creepy. I think self-aware irony is back, maybe even on its way out again.

Regardless,personally speaking, I'm about half past giving a damn about what is hot and what's not.

By the way, speaking of the 1990s (or whatever), I like the new design. It's kind of fun and "Calvin and Hobbes," ...and less...lavender and Brokeback Mountain.

It's also good to know that there's a blog that really does care. I'll sleep better tonight knowing that.


Well, then that means it went out in the late 90s, then was recycled in 2002, and then, because it's, um... uhh...

I'll be perfectly honest and say I was typing out of my ass, hoping to appear relevant. Clearly, I failed.


But if you want to make it count, put the barrel in your mouth.

Oh, Jack, don't tell him that. There are much better things to put in your mouth.

I'm just sayin'.

Jack Malebranche

Clearly, I failed.

It happens to the best of us...


The other way to look at it is that the sort of person who would believe that we're actively recruiting straight men is just the sort of person to believe that you can turn a gay man straight.

They probably also vote for Larouche. I say give them their own cable channel and ignore them.


I'll be perfectly honest and say I was typing out of my ass ...

Interesting. So where do you hold the mouse?

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