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April 18, 2006



That was a great insertion Mal. I well remember the promos that ran for Welcome to the Neighborhood and had in fact wondered what had ever happened to the show. Who could have ever predicted *THAT* outcome!!

Yeah, it most definately would have been a PR nightmare for ABC, as for one, these "traditionalist" down here in these parts would have lost their collective ever-hating narrow minds most surely. The ironic twist about all that drama however is that incidentally, Austin is the most liberal city here in the lone star state quite arguably.


I should say the most liberal city here with respect to gays.


I've written about this a couple of times. There's no reason for ABC not to show it.


Here's the other one.


I do not think you should support Bratboyschool.com.

He asked all readers to donate money to help the site for copies of his maagazine and a "special gift". This was never fulfilled and he realizes to respond to comments, emails or all comments to be posted about the topic.

Queer Conservative

Thanks for sharing there, Chris...


Indeed. A bit O/T. But it should go without saying that linking to another blogger or saying a few nice things about them doesn't mean we endorse every aspect of them or their lives. I've never met the guy, but he seems nice enough to me.


I've never understood why you support bratboy... plenty of other 'nice' bloggers out there far more worthy of your attn.

But as you say... off-topic :)

Yum Yum

Big irony -- because of groups who are supposed to promote gay equality, this story was never told.

Yum Yum

Talk about knee-jerk reactions.

Queer Conservative

God forbid someone miss a chance to slam on Ethan...


Thanks for posting this, Mal. It is very moving.


"Texans would've been watching--they love this kind of stuff."

LOL, Jamie!


Mal, thank you for putting this clip on. You talk about a lump in ones throat, I was crying. It is beautiful. What is ugly is the rejection by the network. I'm sure they never, never in their wildest mind conceived the ending. More beautiful is the fact of "thev Governor"'s change of mind. That is exactly what evangelical bigots are afraid off. I never understood the reason why straights (not all) hated gays until I realize that it is fear. Simple unadulteraded fear. It is not religion. In the 4 Gospels that are the TRUE words of Jesus Christ there is not one word against gays. He condemned adultery, prostitution, lies, false pretences but never homosexuality and I'm surely sure there were gays at the time and in the cities where Jesus preached. Anyway, thank you again. As always YOUR THA MAN!!!.


Isn't this, the message of the clip, what NDT has been saying for a long time? I think so, and I'd like to thank him for it.

North Dallas Thirty

(blush) You're welcome....and thank you.

But I can't be too smug at this point; what with today's celebrations, we're already at Level Orange.


Yum Yum,

Don't blame it on the "Gays." GLADD, the Gay group, according to the report, supported the show after viewing all episodes. They should have done so, without viewing it?

The Anti-Discrimination Housing group opposed the show because they said the message being sent was that you could disciminate in housing based on: "race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or the fact that they have children." Who is not one that list?

Federal and most state housing laws don't prohibit sexual orientation discrimination in housing. Thus, what one of the gay couples said in the program is true, in most states you can lose your apartment for being gay.

I liked what I saw (although I doubt I would have watched it as most "reality" shows suck) but the only "insider" a producer blamed it on marketing for Disiney to "traditionalists."

Talk about, a knee-jerk reaction.


Hey it was mentioned that ABC feared there would black lash from Christian Fundamentalists too. So initally, not not only Gladd was attacking the show, so was the Christian Fundamentalists who wanted ABC to fund Narnia instead.

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