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April 05, 2006



What exactly does “earn” mean? Did the grandchildren of Sam Walton really earn their money? Do the frat boys who rent the house beside the one I bought really “earn” the money that allows them to sit around all day smoking pot while occasionally going to class? I’m thinking the factory worker who barely scrapes by while supporting three kids, maybe even sending one to community college, “earns” the right to not go from work to the grave because conservatives think he should have been smart enough to invest money he didn’t have in a rich mans game, but then again that’s what makes me a moonbat: - )

Queer Conservative

Ah, Tommy! I see everything clearly now. You're a communist. Sorry to have bothered you. :-)

Please excuse my bourgeoise-ness.

Yum Yum

All right, Tommy. If money isn't really earned and doesn't belong to no one, why don't you go out and snatch a coupla purses? If the women run after you, try telling them they didn't really earn it.

Yum Yum

I thought I was the only who who visited the CAGW site. I felt so alone in wanting to reduce the size of government. Nice post, Mal.


So much pork, yet Presidente Jorge W. Fox is proposing to cut the part of the federal budget that reimburses states for the costs of incarcertaing illegals.

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