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April 07, 2006


Bruce (GayPatriot)

He probably figures if he does ignore any Federal marriage law... and does it longer than 5 years... his only penalty might just be being granted amnesty by the United States Senate.

blake williams

Who the hell does he think he is, George Bush?

Yum Yum

I just googled him. Wow. I can literally see why voters (esp. those in SF) voted for him:


And it also seems he's been making the rounds ;)

Another Gaymer

Nitwit? Hardly. He's pretty much locking down votes for re-election.

And the only reason he deserves any of the lion's share of the blame for the blowback is because he did it first (which, in itself, was a bit cynical to beat Mass, but that's another story). If he'd waited until after Massachutesess okayed them, do you think the blowback would be any less?

And he wasn't the only one. Too, he's a mayor, for chrissakes. Not a governer, not a state legislator, not a judge. Just a mayor of a loony little town on the loony left coast.

It doesn't matter where the first ones would have happened, either. You're totally fooling yourself if you think it does, because no matter who would have done it first, it would have provoked an immediate backlash in other cities in other states. It doesn't matter if it happened that Feb 14th, or last year, or three or ten years from now. After all, it only took the threat of same-sex marraige for DOMA to be signed, without any such marraiges actually being performed.

And South Park, bless it, has it all wrong. We don't smell our own farts. We prefer to smell each others. Much kinkier that way.

Patrick Rothwell

A fart-smelling nitwit! My goodness, that sounds like something that the French guard from Monty Python and the Holy Grail would have said.


Newsom is so f*#&ing HOT!

North Dallas Thirty

Of course, the amusing part is that Newsom is now cavorting with an actress whose religious beliefs on gays leave a bit to be desired.

But, as I blogged, that's SF politics....

Another Gaymer

As an avowed Catholic, Newsom's own religious teachings aren't exactly sunshine and plum pudding where The Gays are concerned (albeit they are less genocidal -- *these* days).

Could it be he actually can set them aside with regard to civil rights? Why, it looks like he can! If he can do it for his own, I see no reason he can't do it for beliefs which he doesn't even share.

But if he converts to Scientology? He so would jump the shark.

Downtown Lad

If the Federal Government is going to pass this racist law, then let the Federal government enforce it.

I thought conservatives were supposed to oppose unfunded mandates from the Federal Government anyway.

Queer Conservative

It's not racist to round up illegal immigrants and ship them home.

Queer Conservative

I work with a legal immigrant who jumped through every hoop known to bureaucracy in order to comply with our laws. He sees the illegals enjoying the benefits without the duties as 12 million slaps in his face.

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