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April 03, 2006


Scott A

As always thanks for the video, very interesting...why is Burt Reynolds there though?


and, more importantly, why is this burt reynolds swishing around, unless it's to reinforce the stereotype of the effeminate homosexual that was so clearly negated by brokeback?

Darrin Davis

Director of "Cowboys"
Willie invited long time friend Burt to be in the video. Burt commented oh Jay Leno that his divorce was so expensive - it would have been easier if he had been gay... and if Willie had been gay also, they would have made a great couple and would probably still be together today. They both love to mess with the press and have bantered back and forth for years. Playing a stereotypical flaming director was just one more thing to get people talking.
They are both very supportive of the video.
actual quote from Burt at --> http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2005/07/burt_goes_hoggw.html


I wonder why that little diddy of a melody wasn't pushed to be on the Brokeback soundtrack? Perhaps a bit campy but certainly applicable.


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