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May 25, 2006


el polacko

you mean i might actually have a chance with him ?! .. an INCREDIBLY slim chance ,,, unbelievably slim ... but hey, a guy can dream, can't he ? jared letME.


But are geese "serious"? I thought the phrase was "silly goose."

If that hot bastard is toying with me ...

Famous Author Rob Byrnes

Don't worry, Mal. When Jared left my place this morning, he said he'd be giving you a call.


Of course, the Leto pic is a bit different from the latest version of leto.


Yes, yes, John. Judge him if you like. Our Jared will be in top form again in no time.


Wait a minute, Anderson Cooper is straight!


By the way, when you go to the AIM interview now, this is posted at the beginning:

Editor's Note: After this interview was published, Jared Leto contacted us to say that he was, in fact, not gay, and that his "coming out" should not be taken seriously. What a tease.


where is the source for anderson cooper's statement that he likes girl bits? Was that in an interview? If yes, which one?


Sean, NYC

Anderson Cooper is not straight. He dated someone I know (male), and both of them are into the S&M,Bondage scene. Of course, everyone will think I am fibbing - but it's the truth, both my friend and i are in the entertainment industry in NYC (no, I am not saying who we are lol).

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Wow!! What a very nice body!! hehehe

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