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May 18, 2006



I was very sad to see Elliott go, especially after the quite moving footage of him being greeted as a hero in Richmond and seeing him cry watching it. Such a cutie.

I honestly could care less who wins now. I can't stand either of the last two.

Queer Conservative

Good lord - every single respondent has answered the same way!

Of course I'd rather see Katharine McPhee win. Anyone, anyone, anyone but Taylor "Woo & Twitch" Hicks.


I should do cross-tabs and see if every single person answered the "will" and "should" questions with two different people!


When I voted, they were different percentages between the two questions. So at least one person must have answered the same for both questions. Actually, two now if it's evened out.

Queer Conservative

It'll be constantly changed of course. It was identical when I voted and I just thought it was kinda neat.


I voted Katherine twice.


Trying to get in good with Robbie, Aatom? I see a trend here . . . ;)


I was able to do a cross-tab of sorts of the first 90 votes. Out of the 66 percent of people who say Kat SHOULD win, only 41 percent of them think she WILL win. So not everyone is "splitting the ticket," so to speak.


Now I am sure that Idol is rigged. Elliot should not have been booted. He is better that Kat by far. But of course since women cannot be descriminated, Elliot had to go. It is all nothing but mercantile numbers. There are more women tv watchers than handicapped watchers (Elliot is half deaf). The program is a farce. I'm certainly one less watcher.

el polacko

elliott does a great job with 'moody's mood' and his segment was genuinely touching.. what a sweetheart ! i was "shocked" by chris' departure, but this one made me sad. *sniff* the finale is superfluous... who cares ?

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