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May 17, 2006


Yum Yum

Doesn't Blue Security have legal recourse against spammers?


See why I want to leave TypePad? But nobody has responded to my plea for help. Not a single person, at any price.

Mal, I'd be glad to help, but I'm unfamiliar w/ Wordpress, and have no clue how to do that which appears to be your biggest headache: migrating data from TypePad to WP. I don't want to make any promises I can't keep, and I've had no success migrating my posts from my old Blogger blog to my new MT blog. So if history is any guide...

I do have web development skills, however. If you need any help w/ html or CSS code, email me, and I'll see what I have stashed away.

One suggestion. I've suggested it before, but if you host the blog on your own domain, you can use Movable Type. Migration oughtta be simple if you go that route, since MT is the same platform TypePad uses. I know you had reservations about doing that, because you were'nt confident you could install MT on your domain. That, I could do for you in a couple hours, if you were to decide to do that rather than muck around w/ WP.

What you're most likely up against with the request for help is probably that anyone competent to help is busy w/ their own blog.


Oh, and real life and all that kinda jazz, too.


Actually, I was able to complete the entire import/migration today. Now what I'm struggling with is an issue on my home computer (but oddly, not my work PC) called "enable sending referrers." There is plenty of advice on the Web on how to deal with it in relation to WordPress, but I have done everything I know how to do and I'm still stumped.

The result is that I can't administer the site from my home PC until I figure it out.


P.S. Everything I've read about MT vs. WP is that MT completely blows. WP looks to have a better future because it's truly open-source and free.


I'd help if I could, Mal. I just started a new blog, and find Wordpress pretty easy to use, but I'm not doing anything remotely like you're talking about and wouldn't have a clue.


Well, I'm making progress, I just need to decide when to make the leap.

I want to install a few bells and whistles and settle on a theme before I start nudging people over there. But already Robbie and I both love it more. For instance, I was always able to edit Robbie's posts and to "post-date" the things I write for them to show up at a future date/time. Robbie has never been able to do that, but he will now, so we can write "collaborative" posts more often.

I also installed a one-click translator that will translate the blog (using a Google engine) into eight different languages.

So I'm having fun behind the scenes! :-)


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