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May 12, 2006



I'm not sure sure, Mal. First, Carson isn't on TRL any more, and second, it may be my blurry late-late-night vision, but he's looking pretty good to me on NBC.


Not that I have ever seen that show, but why is Carson on TRL's webpage, then?


Looking forward to watching the video, and congrats.


I screwed up my capture because the clip crossed the 8 p.m. hour and got busted up into two uneditable segments. (Not to bore you with details.) But I will post at 11 p.m.

North Dallas Thirty

Um...Mal....a jacket?

I mean, if you must, do something innovative and hip with it, like a fur collar or epaulets.

Maybe if you wore it without a shirt.......


That was pretty cool, Matt, thanks. I don't even bother to watch TV anymore, knowing that you'll boil it down and have all the good stuff posted.

Where's your parade?


NDT, dude, they tape these things in the middle of my workday! They should see how I will dress tomorrow night. :-)

North Dallas Thirty

No, no, Mal....WE should see how you are dressed tomorrow night! :)

Zack in ATX

Dude...that was very cool. I was just glad they didn't stick with the whole W&G thing. That show got aweful about 2 or 3 years ago. Way too political. Anyway, nice to finally see you!


Next time you're on with Jason, do a Booberella line...pleeease?

el polacko

very impressive... thought you looked quite handsome, mal.

w&g went steadily downhill after the first couple of seasons. the quality of the writing became atrocious (even as they kept winning awards for it) and the awkward, gratutitous uses of words like "fag" were jarring as they desperately reached for cheap jokes based on ancient stereotypes.

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