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May 12, 2006


Queer Conservative

Good God almighty - he's going to owe percentage points soon.


Good to see the rest of the nation has finally caught up on this guy. While it's kinda depressing that the only way the dems can get into power is by having the other team royally fuck up, I'll take whatever I can get at this point.


I served in the USMC under the first Bush, I voted for Reagan and GHW Bush...but this baffoon is the worst president in my lifetime, and perhaps the most dangerous to national security. Someone please get the codes away from this megalomaniac before he thinks going nook-u-lar on Iran will improve his poll numbers. (go ahead QC and NDT rip me to shreds, thats what your good at, discredit any disenters).


Disent? That just sounded like a whine.


He ruined Texas while he was a governor (i.e. education funding, large deficits). I was so glad he was going on to the White House just to get rid of him.


Bush's weakness may give the Democrats an opportunity, but there's no reason to believe that they'll convert it into a sustainable majority. In 1994, the Republicans combined a bold plan with a weak President to take the Congress. This year, the Dems seem to be hoping that the minority of the electorate who feels compelled to vote no matter how disgusted they are with the available choices will slightly favor them. That might work for a single election, but it could be pretty hard to maintain. If McCain is the GOP nominee in 2008, the Dems have a lot of trouble taking the White House because moderates love McCain. And if the Republicans lose the House for even two years, they're suddenly out of power and lose most of their opportunities for corruption. A few of them might continue to go to jail over the next year or so, but the Democrats need to be able to point to something other than the fact that fewer of them than the Republicans are incarcerated.


Dan, you wanna know the difference between you and me? You're apparently so partisan that you actually believe the Democrats deserve to be in power. I think both of the alternatives now are piss-poor (the Dems piss-poorer by a nose, of course).


Though I'm pleased that people are as dissatisfied with W as I am I don't see this as in any way and endorsement of the opposition. I haven't seen a plan that engages people. I haven't seen leaders that are inspiring. I dont' think that the Democratic Party has really seriously taken the "long walk in the woods" that a Party needs to revitalize itself.

I'd like to see a positive manifesto come out of that party where they outline what they are going to do. Not what their reactions are to the other party.


Anapestic: A very reasoned and dispassionate analysis, which is probably why Democrats will ignore it. But I hope they don't.


Mal you're such a closet case.


I love how you can read minds, Mal. Do I like the democrats? Not really. Dean's latest brainfart has more or less proven what I thought about him from the get-go (opportunistic halfwit). Kerry was completely uninspiring, and probably a complete tool on a personal level. I have serious doubts whether Hillary's even the same species as the rest of us (possible pod invasion?).

I just think that, ATC, the dems are less likely to permanent fuck over this country than the republicans. As the great Lewis Black once said: Democrats are the party of no ideas; Republicans are the party of bad ideas.

Personally, I'll take neutral over evil.


Also, while I agree with a large part of what anapestic is saying, disgust with a largesse-addicted, scandal-ridden democratic congress contributed in no small part to the GOP victory back in '94. In just over a decade, the GOP's managed to achieve the same level of disgust it took the democrats over 40 years to build up.

Again, they're both sleazebags. The democrats generally just a little less damaging with their sleaze.


Certainly the voters were disgusted with the Democrats in '94, but the Republicans still had to come up with a lot more than "we're not as bad as they are" to win Congress. I'm not hearing anything visionary from the Democrats, and without something new, the voters can just as easily say that there's no real difference between the two parties except that one's in power and has more opportunities to exercise its greed. I hear that sentiment a lot from voters, and since most voters are a good deal less annoyed about their own Congressman than about Congress in general, there's no compelling reason to pull the lever for the other man or woman. The Dems really don't want their message to boil down to "They've been feeding at the trough for too long. It's our turn now."


Dan, can't tell if you're being sarcastic or if it's another of your great "jokes," but what do you mean about how I'm "reading minds"? You showed your partisan slip with this:

While it's kinda depressing that the only way the dems can get into power is by having the other team royally fuck up, I'll take whatever I can get at this point.


I fail to see how that statement indicates I think the democrats 'deserve' power. If you wanna be an ass about it, of course neither party deserves power. They're both pretty pathetic. I just feel the democratic ticket, as anemic as it is, would still be better than the malicious incompetence we've seen under the republicans.

And speaking of partisan slips... "gay left coast kookiness"? Centrist libertarian my ass.


Dan: You're splitting hairs over the word "deserve."

And feel free to think whatever you want to of me, because I don't care. ;-)

But you do have a good way of ignoring all the bad stuff I say about Republicans.


Tote it up, Mal, and you're anything but a centrist. It's OK, you can admit to being a gay conservative. The difference between you and idiots like gaypatriot is that you make an honest effort to balance things out ... occasionally. These attempts are to be commended, as they show that not all republicans subscribe to this 'for us or against us' bullshit. I'm not a centrist, and I'm definitely a liberal, but I try to balance out my instincts by getting news and opinions from a variety of sources. This includes a number of 'conservative' bastions like the Economist, the WSJ and your own blog.

I don't see why you're so afraid to admit you're a republican. Is it really that much of a taboo now?


Dan: You are conflating criticism of liberals with being "conservative." Show me five posts out of the 1300 I have written where I take positions that are "conservative" rather than libertarian, or just being critical of liberals. You can't do it.

Then again, you have an annoying habit of making broad generalizations without ever backing them up. When someone calls you on your bullshit, you were only "joking."

And I'll happily be a Republican again when Republicans are Republican again.


Just curious... how many posts have you put up supporting the invasion of Iraq? Remind me again of the official Libertarian Party position on Iraq?


Here's a different angle on all this: Does anyone else get depressed about all the stuff going on in this country the way I have been lately? How do the rest of you all deal with it? How did people deal with it during the Vietnam War, when there was a similar unrest?

I'm genuinely wondering how people are supposed to get ahead in life. To give just one example, house prices are so high that I fear I may never be a homeowner unless I marry a rich man.


Well...us liberals "screech" while the elephants just bury their big 'ole fucking heads in all this GOP created muck. Right Mally?


Too lazy to do your own research? You'll find a lot more posts on radical Islam than you will on Iraq. I can't remember the last post I did specifically or even primarily on the Iraq War, actually.

And I'm "libertarian," genius, not "Libertarian."


Jake: Yes, houses are expensive, but the homeownership rate is at an all-time high in the nation. I'd like to own a home larger than a shoebox in New York, but I can't afford it, so I rent. That's just kinda how life is.

Not intending to be a comment on you specifically, but this isn't exactly the Apocalypse. The economy is growing at a pretty strong clip, and despite all the doom and gloom, this is still a pretty good country.

I'm not fond of Bush right now, but I still think we're a decent country at heart, and I'm optimistic for the future. We're a creative, decent, innovative people, and we always manage to get by.


Yeah - I know my comments were a little gloomy. Probably has to do with how cold and rainy it is here in Michigan at the moment.

I did want to add that my post was not necessarily America-centric. I worry about people all over the world. Americans are really blessed in many areas, like having clean water (!), and I agree that we always do manage to get by.

I think the thing that is going to help us all get by is just respecting each other's thoughts and opinions. As long as it doesn't hurt themselves or others, people should be able to do and think what they want.

North Dallas Thirty

Here's a different angle on all this: Does anyone else get depressed about all the stuff going on in this country the way I have been lately? How do the rest of you all deal with it?

I open my eyes every morning.

I take the dog for a walk and converse with my fellow dog owners, who run the gamut of gay through straight, white through black, rich through poor, and Democrat through Republican.

I ride BART to work and strike up the occasional conversation with a friendly stranger.

I laugh and trade good-natured jabs with my coworkers, whose favorite joke is, "I can't believe we hired a conservative!"

I head to the gym and work up a good sweat with people of every description.

As darkness falls, I look up at Twin Peaks, then back at the city spread out below, lights twinkling everywhere in the darkness, as all of these people I've met/worked with/talked with head home.

And I think to myself, "Only in the US of A".

There you have it.

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