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May 08, 2006


Queer Conservative

Who's him? WHO'S HIM!?

Craig Ranapia

Oh, so fucking what... 95% of the human race does not live in the United States. The last film I rushed off to see on opening weekend - twice - was 'Master and Commander' . More and more often, I'm quite happy to wait until films come out on DVD - which are an increasingly large proportion of stuido revenue, which suggests I'm far from the only person who can't be bothered with the crappy theatrical experience.

2) Has anyone noticed that cinema grosses

Latin Declinator

Plural Nominativ of Placenta: placentae,
but in this case it asks the Accusativ: placentas.
Instinctively right.


When this bitch cracks, it'll make Mariah Carey's trainwreck look cute


WHEN he cracks? look at his face in this picture. he is not a sane man.


Not sure where you're going with the 95% comment, Craig, seeing as how MI3 did one of those simulatneous worldwide release thingies.

The distributors really went all out with the promotion on this one, probably to offset the shitty publicity their lead actor brought into the mix. Combine this with the great reviews MI3's been getting and the weird rumors that scientologists are buying huge chunks of tickets directly from the BO, and this definitely doesn't bode well for the remainder of tommy's career.

I give him a year before I see him in some kind of weird scientology informercial channeling miss cleo.

e.c. larson

i liked the quotes i've seen from paramount execs insisting that tom's pr problems had NO bearing on the box office numbers. um, first you don't know that's true, and if it wasn't tom, then i guess it must have been the studios fault. it's amazing how far up tom's ass everyone is willing to go that they would would make themselves look bad in order to shield him from the blame.

North Dallas Thirty

Like I said... karma's a bitch.


Are these the same Paramount execs who insisted Forrest Gump lost money?

Craig Ranapia


Where I'm going is that I can't really understand why anyone gives a snot about opening weekend grosses - theatre receipts are a (declining) minority of studio incomes, and any number of movies (The Matrix comes to mind) grew their gross despite underwhelming opening weekends. Sorry to say, but I don't think Paramount or Cruise are going to lose a dime on this puppy. The world is full of people who don't give the proverbial flying fuck at a donut who Diane Sawyer is, or how weird Tomkat is as long as the film is kinda cool...

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