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May 09, 2006



Hating is too easy.


I am so glad I watched Antiques Road Show and a rerun of No Reservations(Anthony Bourdain).


I did wonder after writing the post if I was being over-harsh.

And then I realized it was David Blaine.

This kind of passionate disdain only comes once a lifetime.


Sorry about the double post. Trigger finger here


I completely and utterly missed this ground shaking television broadcast --but then, I missed Jerry Rivers uncovering Al Capone's secret vault, Graham Norton on the boob-tube about anything (proving the names boob tube and couch potato really do fit those who watch inordinate amounts of TV fluff), or nearly any reality-based show --including Bachlorette, Survivor or any show with a naturalist wrestling a gator and then filling the air with alarm when the gator tries to bite back.

TV... it's why the gay God invented clubs and an endless litany of new mixed drinks.


Oh yeah, I forgot... add Al Gore's "Current TV" premiership to the list of ground shaking TV broadcasts I missed... right up there with David Blaine.


Yeah, he's pretty much a nut-job, but I will give him credit for being able to hold his breath for 7 minutes.

Guess he's not a smoker.

The Rev. Jack Malebranche

Fortunately, I started around minute two of his drowning himself. Sadly, those next few minutes seemed like an eternity for me as well...that was some of the most pointless, annoying sports commentary EVER.


The Passion of The Christ-esque music was a special touch.

David Blaine - NO BREEDING!


Overheardinnewyork.com has some HILARIOUS quotes of DB's visitors. I nearly peed myself.


Did it ever occur to you that you're at your best writing pitch when you're in an angry-bitch-from-hell mood? Hmmmm.

el polacko

yeah yeah yeah ... but i'd still do him. (at least after his pruniness dries out).. but that's just me.

Queer Conservative

OMG! Me, Robbie, Louis, Jack, Jamie, Michigan-Matt...

We're all agreeing about this...

Everyone make a wish!


They pay Blaine to do this?!?

Flipping channels last night, I caught less than one second and could not press the remote fast enough to get away. But your commentary, Robbie, almost redeems the whole sorry spectacle - almost. Thank you.


OMG! Me, Robbie, Louis, Jack, Jamie, Michigan-Matt...

We're all agreeing about this...

Everyone make a wish

First one singing Kumbaya gets to sleep in Blaine's fishbowl. And you know he peed in it.


Hahaha, he choked. Literally.


p.s. In the Blaine-tologist episode of South Park, Mohammed teams up with Jesus and Buddha to defeat David Blaine and his reanimated statue of Abraham Lincoln (Jesus uses his power of carpentry to build a giant statue of John Wilkes Booth to defeat him). It's pretty fucking brilliant.

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