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May 05, 2006



Wait a second, wasn't someone (YOU) just telling us about halucinations with these drugs.

I would not have believed the story, either - before the other days discussion about sleep medication. I had no idea they caused some pretty scary halucinations. (Which is why we all must be natural and give mother earth a little hug now and then).

Queer Conservative

The Kennedys are as the Kennedys do.

Queer Conservative

And right on schedule...

Rep. Kennedy to Enter Rehab for Prescription Drug Addiction


Tommy: Yes, I was saying that, but I also said that they are mild hallucinations, and the only time I saw a more extreme reaction was in a meth user.

What's baffling is that Kennedy first gave a detailed description of what happened, including times, locations and actions, and now he says he doesn't remember anything.

I'm bothered by the fact that he would lie (and the police would aid and abet his lies) up until the point that Hawk & Dove employees called him on his bullshit.


I lived in Boston when Joe Kennedy ran to take Tip O'Neill's seat in Congress in, um, well, a long time ago. Anyway, it was sickening the way the New Englanders overlooked far more qualified Democrats (it was a very safe Democratic seat, if memory serves) to humble themselves at the Kennedy shrine. I don't imagine it's much different in Rhode Island. As long as they don't catch him in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, I can't imagine it will hurt his chances for re-election.


Oh now, lying seems rather "jumping to conclusion" based on the article: contradictory testimony from witnesses that he was or wasn't at his usual bar. He could have been there Wedenesday or Tuesday. He could have been drunk or he could have been halucinating (I remember someone relating a little more than a mild halucination story). At any rate, it was that discussion that informed my view of what would have been to me just another idiot celebudrunk story. What I think is the crapiest part of the whole thing is that he wasn't given a breathelyzer.

Tommy - Athens, Greece


He either remembered the incident or he didn't, Tommy. One of the statements is a lie.


Either way, he was driving under the influence. As far as I know, DC law makes no distinction about whether it was alcohol or prescription medication that caused the accident.

His lawyer probably decided it was best that he revise his story and "not remember" because to do otherwise would be admitting to crashing your car while intoxicated.


Mal - OK, but examine your evidence. He does not say in the first statement: "I remember the accident." Rather, all of the details of the accident, offered in that statement can be learned from the police (eg. time, place, manner). In fact, it reads like a police report.

As to the pre-medication facts, it would not be surprising to remember what happened before he took the medication.

Maybe he's lying, maybe he is not.

Tommy - Athens, Greece


I lived in Boston when The Turtle ran for president. I was a security guard at an event he held at the World Trade Center. In attendance were many prominent Democrats, including this Vietnam vet and the owner of this car. Being a liberal Democrat myself at the time, I was thrilled to meet them.

Until I met them.

I agree with anapestic. His seat is safe in Rhode Island, no problem. What I find really dirty is the fact that when he was pulled over, he said he was late for a vote. According to the Constitution, he cannot be arrested or stopped while on the way to or from a vote.

Convenient stall until one sobers up.


Not buying it, Tommy. The earlier statement made plenty of assertions that indicated he was lucid and aware of what was going on, such as: "At no time before the incident did I consume any alcohol."

If he remembers nothing, how does he know for certain?

Regardless, DUI is DUI, and he needs to be punished.


Blews: Plenty of reason in that clause of the Constitution for PJK to worry:

"They (Members of Congress) shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place."

Former KKK member Robert Byrd loves to wave around that clause without knowing its meaning too.


Thanks for the link...I didn't know which "Freddy Quimby" you meant.

Blews: Plenty of reason in that clause of the Constitution for PJK to worry

You're correct, of course. I'm just repulsed by the fact that he would invoke that special privelige for a purpose not intended.

Par for the course, though, for these congress critters.

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