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May 03, 2006



Please drop the "gay day" feature. I skip over it as fast as possible. I'm looking for original content here.


4,000 years? Is that a typo?


My attempts at humor are missing right and left today.


lol. not at all, Mal. but I have to agree with Anon that this is my least favorite feature that you have started. something about long lists makes my eyes glaze over pretty quickly.

North Dallas Thirty

I vote the opposite. I kind of LIKE having the list, especially in looking for Mal's little nuggets of humor sprinkled throughout.


Keep it. I have learned things, although at times I just don't want to read.

If the peoples took a little time, I am sure they would find something intriguing and sometimes even funny.

And others can easily skip over it. Obviously, Anon has not lived long enough to learn that there is nothing new under the sun.


I'm fine with skipping it. I would never deign to dictate the contents of a blog that actually posts regularly, unlike myself... ;)

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