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May 01, 2006



Happy Birthday Robbie!


Remember.... this is your day. You can legally get away with anything. Like not showing up for work... Participating in a "parade"... You can even take a dump on the steps of City Hall without fear of being deported back to your homeland.

Wait... no, I'm sorry. Got confused. That's only for illegals. You're only allowed to get drunk and slur your speech.


All the birthdays at the bottom include a year. What year, Mister Robbie?

Yum Yum

"My feeling is it is probably the safest park in the city. If you scream, you know fifteen guys will pop out of the bushes to help you."

That just made my day!

North Dallas Thirty

Happy birthday, Robbie!

(runs out to find protestors to poke with sticks)


Happy birthday, Robbie!


1979, just like the Smashing Pumpkins song.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone.

Oh, and can I give a big ole eff you to the Chicago Sun-Times, whose astrologist had this to say in their birthday blurb:

"It may take a while to find true love . . . Around the age of 50, you want to share your life deeply, emotionally with someone."

That's just mean.

North Dallas Thirty

Think of it this way, Robbie; it means that you have 23 more years to share your life shallowly and physically with everyone. :)


Robbie, Happy Birthday!

Look at it this way, you're already a curmudgeon, so you're way ahead of the curve. You'll be married by next Tueday.

Tommy - Athens Greece

Yet Another Mike

Re: 1971. I think the John Wayne quote is actually from 1970. "Midnight Cowboy" itself was released in (ahem) '69. Wayne had been in two other cowboy films, "True Grit" and "The Undefeated," that same year.

Wayne won the best actor for "True Grit", over Hoffman and Voight from "Midnight Cowboy," but "Cowboy" still, uh, took home some top Oscars. ("And twins!")

"The Undefeated" wasn't nominated for anything, so it was, in a sense... undefeated. But I caught the film when it was on AMC a couple times earlier this month.

In it, John Wayne co-stars with Rock Hudson -- and they both seemed quite game!

P.S. Don't know you at all, but happy birthday Robbie!


Happy Birthday, Robbie. :-)


1979? I literally have had my baseball mitt longer than that. It's signed by Fred Lynn, and I continue to use it to this day, coaching one of the blewspups in softball.

Happy b'day, brother.

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