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May 22, 2006



1894 - Abraham Lincoln received patent number 6469 for his floating dry dock.

We're not talking about President Lincoln (d. 1865), are we? Or are we thinking of a ship named for Abraham Lincoln?


The man is right; the year is wrong. It was indeed Honest Abe, but it should say 1849. I will correct it.


Four years ago I read an article (don't remember where) saying that Anita Bryant was constantly broke, owing money to everyone she knew, and moving from place to place. It made me feel good inside.


She was also, at one time, associating with a clergyman who had a positive Gay outreach ministry (unlike hers). The question is, where are her kids today--one son and one daughter, I believe. Are they more or less messed up than she seems to be?

Michael K. Bassham

And to add to the list of birthdays, mine!!!


I don't know how dependent your site is on ad revenue... but I ran across the "Host a Banner" page on ONE.org and thought I would pass on the link to you guys. (ONE.org: The Campaign to make poverty history)

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I believe its the main target for the whole year. Keep it up!

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