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May 20, 2006



Robbie - I hope you got plenty samples of boy butter - you're gonna need it if you keep watching this clip all day...week...month...


Oh come on, the Cubs were National League champs in 1945. That is still a title.

The Rev. Jack Malebranche

This is when I can appreciate team sports.


The Cubs last title was in the 2003 season.


wow, fans throwing baseballs at their own players, players throwing punches at opponents, a manager mumbling through it all, watching the cubbies is like watching a a train coming off the tracks, and flying end over end down a jaggedy mountainside. it is entertaining to look at occassionally, but we sox [and scottie] fans have much much better things to look at, like our sox and our scottie. and just when you didn't think he could get any sexier, he's a man that stands up for and comes immediately to the aid of his teammates - what a guy.

and by the way, the white sox won the WORLD SERIES 7 months ago. the cubs last won the world series ... was it even called the world series in 1907? or was it 1906? wait, let's ask someone who was there -- damn, they're all dead. like the cubs.


Heh. I think Robbie's the one who's going to get the C&D order, not Mal. ;)


While I think it is awesome that Pods was the first in the fray, he didn't exactly fight, as he did Fall.

Pods wasn't the man that day, truth is, that AJ, with his dignified response of taking the hit, and then pulling everyone off of the guy who hit him, (especially pods, cuz, really, he was not prepared for the situation) was the winner.

If you like the physical act of violence as a small arrousal, in the same way that we hetero's like catfights, the the winner was without a doubt BA who just KICKED SOME ASS!! BA is a HUGE dude, who is young and didn't just hit his opponent, he went to the ground and KEPT HITTING! BA was the great fight of that day, even though AJ was the dignified victime, and pods was the noble defender.

Once again, BA did some shit. watch the full playback, BA on the ground, and it was the SOX that pulled BA off of his victim.

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