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May 25, 2006



OMFG - Get out the restraining order, I'ma comin, Pods.


his eyes? you never get to see his mussed up hair! mmmmmm.....the ways it can get mussed up....


Now THAT'S more like it! A nice face shot. I tried Google Images but found little. This one is excellent...until the Playgirl shoot so far only scheduled in my dreams.


My desire to see an end to this feature gets a one-day reprieve.


is he gay ? what is malcontent so infatuated with him?


It's Robbie that has the Podsednik Fever - pure lust.

And Podsednik is married to a former Playboy Playmate.


Robbie, you sob. He's gorgeous and to die for. A pleasure to look at. My pupils dialate every time I look at him. Keep them photos coming. Thanks bud.



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mmmmmm I don't found him so hot, he is more like cute. Nice post any way!

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his pods pods rules !! I another photos of this !!

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Is Scottie pods really gay ? I hearsome rumors about a girlfriend.

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sorry but to me he is not hot!!!
he actually is just nice!

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mmmmmm not even nice....sorry!!!

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why you post pictures of this guy?

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If CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper is Gay? Why then does he so often in his Broadcast on politics and the presidential race side with the neo social conservative republicans who want a constitutional ban on Gay marraige. secondly why is same sex marraige and abortion always lumped together in the same sentence and how does allowing same sex couples to tie the knot pose a danger to the american family unit? Is Anderson Cooper playing Devils advocate most especially in light of the fact that he is reported to be in a long-term same sex relationship?Do same sex double Agents like anderson Cooper do anything in helping Gay people win their civil rights?

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The men on this photo is scary

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My pupils dialate every time I look at him. Keep them photos coming.

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He's not that hot, I've seen hotter.

Your girl Mary :)

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