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May 24, 2006


Queer Conservative

DAMN the Blue Haired vote!


Yes the 21st century American has become well known for his/her incorrigible voting practices.


Soul Patrol, baby!


Just ignore Taylor. Eventually he'll go away. Anyway, way the show worth watching? I didn't bother.


was the show worth watching?...


Not really. I find it interesting that the first year of AI -- when the least number of people were watching or auditioning -- was the only year they found a bona fide star.


I still can't imagine what it's gonna be like if Taylor finally wins! what the hell were those fans thinking? is it me? or they are blind?


He was better than McPheever though. My friend put it best last night: "we're watching a two person contest between the 3rd and 4th place contestants."


He was better than McPheever though.

You'll never win over Robbie with that attitude, Aatom. ;)

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