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May 11, 2006



Playing shortstop is not a choice! Experts differ on whether position is determined primarily by genetics or by environmental in fetal or early childhood development, but if you're a shortstop, no amount of therapy or attendance of meetings of "ex-shortstop" groups is going to change that.


Give Scott time, give Scott time. He's married to a Playboy centerfold, after all. You have to figure there will be a rubbing of influence there. I'm patient. He simply needs to be goaded, and I'm just the psychotic fan to do it.



The next sox game we see you with your "Take your Shirt Off Pods" sign, we are going to have to have a serious discussion.



*looks at his "Fuck me, Scott P!" sign*

You're a lot more subtle than I am . . .


Are you kidding! I'd pay to see that on a sunny afternoon at Comsiky as the camera sweeps the crowd. I mean, there's decorum and then there's poetry.



Having actually played Catcher in a number of actual baseball games, I'll purposefully and pointedly avoid the suggestive Pitchers and Catchers references, thank you.



When I played Little League, my coach decided to try me out for catcher, presumably because I am a big guy. A "lummox," as my husband calls me.

Of course, I knew nothing about cups at the time, so he went to the mound, threw his first pitch, which went past my mitt and caught me right in the nards.

Thus ended my brief catching career.

North Dallas Thirty

My father and my siblings are (or were) all Division I or minor league pitchers.

That left exactly one person to play catcher when they wanted to practice at home, and it wasn't my mother.

And in my case, I didn't fill out nearly enough in Little League to make the initial catcher litmus test that Mal mentions. My main qualification was that I could throw out a runner at second base while laying flat on my back.

You may draw your own conclusions about my sexual direction from that last remark.


Okay, but I prefer Zito. And I did sleep with someone who slept with a Dodger

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