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May 30, 2006



Coverboy is like...totally hot.


I can't wait for the "Boys of the Soviet Gulag" article!


It does have a certain synchronicity jammed in between Phuket and New Orleans, strangely enough. And hey, no one did weight loss quite as effectively as concentration camp inmates. Top 10 Summer Diet Tips from Treblinka!


Sweet Jesus!


Do you actually get the magazine? There was a big two-sided pullout poster with two hot boys! I was thinking about scanning for the biggest Malco-graphic ever!


I just googled our friend Sherif and got THIS. This boy is HOT!!! But could be as dangerous as Kaiser Soze! That makes him even HOTTER!!!!!!


"Someone should probably tell the boys at DNA magazine that crematorium does not mean what they think it means."

I just want you to know that I laughed so hard when I read this that some of my Red Bull came out my nose. And I'm at work....

michael mcclain

BLOODY HELL~! what were they thinking? do they need money that bad that they pander to the gay community - well sign me up!


Since when are muslims being peddled to gays?. I always understood they HATE us and want us all DEAD. These dude better stay away from Iran or he'll lose his ass and the rest of his bod to some ultra-conservative ayatolah after he's f***ed. Nevertheless, face down he'll make a nice infidel hole to fall into.

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These people are very intolerant how bad

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great picture...but I have a doubt...is he gay!!??

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he is so hot.. but it does looks kind of gay....is he??
please tell me he is not!

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yes some one should tell them what crematorium meansĀ°!!
XD debra

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I won't buy a magazine with a guy like him in it's cover.

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i will!! please tell where i can buy it!!

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mmmm can you imagine him next to you on a Saturday morning!
the best way to start your weekend!!!

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wondering who could say he is hot??
to much hair!!!!!!

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great site, specially this guy!
i love the boxer

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Oh my God, that boy is so hot!!

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DNA is a good magazine I have all its issues

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Where did ya buy this magazine?

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Oh shit, this guy never taking drugs! lol

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hello friend excellent post about Next Issue: The Boys of Belzec thanks sharing

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Since when are muslims being peddled to gays?.

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this magazine was a complete fail!!

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