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May 16, 2006



Oh dear God.

*rapidly posts an antidote*

el polacko

so do you think this dumbass will get some sort of protection due to his celebrity, such as it is, or will dick be in for a lot of dick- in-the-pokey.. which is not necessarily a bad thing.. i've seen "oz" and it was kinda hot.. haha



From the bottom of my heart, my stomach, and my now half spilled glass of wine - I demand that you put naked, semi-naked, hell any pictures of Richard Hatch - after an effing jump.


So poor Richard has a tiny dick? Makes sense, since he acts like a BIG dick.

I wonder who will be watching his son? How old is that kid now anyway?


Surely we need some catagorical information from the Big House - can a man that age actually be bitched out? I refuse to believe inmates are that hard up... if they are I may try to get work on a prisoner literacy program... yeah, that's it a literacy program.

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