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May 04, 2006



I just got done reading an article on CNN that stated the killing off of the two girls had nothing to do with their DUIs. Libby's got another show lined up and Ana Lucia only signed on for a short term deal anyway. Who knows though.

I will agree with you that a lot of this seems like shock for the sake of shock, but I'm still hooked. The twists are getting to be a bit much, but... That's why I love the show.


I'll admit that I don't have the patience to watch this show regularly, although I have caught a few Highlight shows (and the doctor is way hot). I did see the last 15 minutes of last nights episode and my thought was - 'yeah, that's desperate.'


I cannot understand the "tedious" comment with regard to this show. I don't watch much television (in fact, "Lost" "Scrubs" and "The Daily Show" are basically it) but "tedious" would be my description of EVERYTHING else that is on these days.

Is it because you don't know where they are going with the story and everytime you think you do know, it gets turned around on you? That's exactly what keeps me tuning in every episode.

According to the producers, they have developed a 5-season story arc which is the foundation of the show and will not change, but incidents and storylines leading towards the resolution of the overall mystery can be fluid.

I'm not a man known for patience either, but at the risk of sounding like one of those strange "Lost" fanatics, I have to say that for a meaningless TV show, it's pretty amazing. I don't know of any other show I would bother trying to defend (if that's what I'm doing...). So, if patience is required to be this entertained, patience is what I'm going to learn.

I was pretty much shocked by this week's ending.

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