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May 17, 2006



And when would IDAHO be? And why do we only get one day?




wow is right, or rather ow.

el polacko

guess the kids aren't as cool with the whole gay thing as we keep hearing they are.

bryan pippin

just goes to show how far we still have to go sadly enough we haven't erase hate from the american lexicon especially againts gay people we are one of the few groups that it is still acceptable to hate in main stream society which is why we are such a easy whipping post for republicans for to many americas regardless of other polictical views still agree that homosexually is wrong and allow their ignorance to color their views


Bryan: Yes, Republicans as a group aren't as friendly to gays, but let's remember that the Democratic Party is working pretty hard these days to alienate us too. Homophobia is not a party-line issue.


Everyone is working on it. They always do their best to make it successful.

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