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May 03, 2006


Queer Conservative

Worst. Season. Ever.

I loathe Taylor Hicks.


I think the crazy lady here at work has gone off her meds because she was starting fights with EVERYONE over American Idol this morning.

Queer Conservative

I had to run and hide from the angry cubicle villagers when I said Taylor Hicks should be mercilessly killed. Apparently he's become the new "fave" around my office.

el polacko

.. just dropped in from reading comments on several other sites and i'm feeling queasy. time and time again folks out there are saying how 'adorable' they think taylor is... how he 'really seems to be a fun guy' ... that he's 'the only one with any real TALENT' !?!?!
i've certainly been known to be off-base on various matters, but apparently i'm completely out of touch with "reality" and in need of much therapy in order to come to accept that spastic karaoke singers are the new standard in popular entertainment. i'm a sick, sick man. help me, jeebus.

Queer Conservative

You're not alone el, you're not alone.

el polacko

thanks, QC. your support means more to me than you know. my head hurts.

Scott A

Okay, maybe I have too much time and I'm a little perverted but... if you look at http://www.americanidol.com/contestants/ you can see that the contestants voted off in blue form the shape of a rocket ship or maybe a penis with two balls?? hehe... better check it out while you can, after tonight it will be no more. ;-)

John in IL

Tayor seems to be really popular with the 50+ female crowd and the thirty-something gay crowd of one(me). Sorry but he is adorable.

el polacko

wow... i'm a pretty big perv, scott, but if you're seeing a penis and balls on that page then you need some good good lovin' to relieve the pressure, babe.


Yeah, Scott, I'm just a little worried about you.

That's maybe a Metroid penis at best.


I wouldn't put to much stock into DialIdol's numbers. They say 84% accuracy -- but accuracy to them is saying any of 2 or more potential evictees will leave the show. If one of "three possibles" leaves, they claim accuracy. Just blogged about their number-manipulations on IdolsRising dot com . . . this guy's about as honest as a used car salesman. They get the right person leaving about half the time . . . that's their real achievement.

Craig Ranapia

Have they had the ritual rape-murder of the show tune yet? That always has the fascination of watching someone conduct brain surgery with a jackhammer...

Worth Repeating

Mal -- I swear on my mother's life I did not read your post before writing my own. I too used the work SPASTIC about Taylor. So ... he must REALLY be spastic! Life's funny.

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