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May 22, 2006



Wow! Think of all the phone calls multiple copy guy could make!

Yum Yum

QC, of all the comments you could have made about Hugh Jackman, you talk about phones?????

My gosh, there's a warm stirring in my pants that I know will last a couple of minutes.

The Rev. Jack Malebranche

I'm The Juggernaut, Bitch

Apparently this was an Internet phenomenon I missed, but I was informed about it yesterday.


I'm assuming it's Jamie Maddrox, "Multiple Man."

The movie just keeps looking better and better.


This move looks absolutely amazing. I'm actually going to brave the New York movie theaters opening night for this.

P.S. Am I the only one who doesn't see it in Hugh Jackman? James Marsden is exponentially hotter.


I'm with you, MT. The whole grizzled wolf look totally doesn't do it for me.


Oh, I'd sleep with either.


I'm on board too, MT... Huge Ackman is a total hottie in real life, but as Wolvie, he does nothing for me. Give me Shawn Ashmore (Iceman) or James Marsden any ol' day.

How cool is that that they're including Multiple Man in the movie! He was always one my favorite, obscure / overlooked characters in the comics. Talk about a power to fantasize about having.

I also love how Bryan Singer is playing up the mutants-as-gay-analogy angle that's always been present in the series.


Sorry it's been so long since I've commented! I do read!

I just wanted to tell you to join this site! It's fabulous, and you can meet a ton of gay guys! Cute, normal, and it's not sleazy!!!


Another Gaymer

Thank you for your continued coverage of the buzz. Looks like they're mining lots of mutants from the stories, since this is apparently 'the last stand.' Madrox was always one of my favorites too.

The Rev. Jack Malebranche

OK, for contrast, I'll bite.

James Marsden is a stock Hollywood pretty boy. You could trade him out with any of thousands of Los Angeles metrosexuals.

I think Hugh Jackman comes off as a sensitive 'ack-tor' in interviews and other roles, but he really nails Wolverine. I have talked to people who think Wolverine could be even more gruff, and I agree, but for the way these movies are written, he does fine.

Jackman as Wolverine is hypermasculinity personified. He's the MAN to Marsden's boy-man. Anyone who really values masculinity in their men is going to pick Wolvie over almost any of the other characters, which is why he's arguably the most popular character--given the target demographic for the X-Men movies and, doubly so, the comic books. He's not just my favorite, he's my dad's favorite (we actually talked about it the other day)--for similar though slightly different reasons.

A compromise might be Chris Evans in Fantastic Four, who was a little bit of both the pretty boy (that boy is fine) and a sort of generation x/y David Addison. He's macho/metro.


I've always wonder that Zen-like question. If you clone yourself, and then have sex with yourself, is it masturbation or incest?


And why leave the house?


I've always said that I would have sex with myself if I had the chance. In fact, I think I said it just the other night.

I can't decide if that means I have a lot of positive self-image, or if I'm just creepy and vain. Probably a little of both, right?


Who wants to have sex with someone whom is only just as hot as they are? Unless, there is no one hotter. (In which case, we should talk.)

The Rev. Jack Malebranche

I can't decide if that means I have a lot of positive self-image, or if I'm just creepy and vain. Probably a little of both, right?

Probably a little of both. For the record, I'd totally do me. Though I'd have some concerns about a long-term relationship. I'd have to subtly suggest to myself that I'd be a lot more attractive if I lost 15 pounds and stopped smoking like a chimney.

North Dallas Thirty

Personally, if given a choice, I always wanted the Scarlet Witch's power.

And there's nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with oneself, as long as you admit that, after a few tries, you'd prefer to stay just f*ck buddies. :)


NDT, I can totally see you people. :)

Another Gaymer

May I recommend The Man Who Folded Himself by David Gerrold as an interesting "what if?" about a certain take on time travel, i.e. no paradoxes. There's a lot to this novella, and, yes, he "goes there." But there's a lot more to it than that. Exerpt to follow (and can be found here)

For a while I was on an anti-assassination kick. I have had the unique pleasure of tapping Lee Harvey Oswald on the shoulder (Yes, I know there were people who had doubts about who did it—but I was there; I know it was Oswald) just before he would have pulled the trigger. Then I blew his head off. (John Wilkes Booth, James Earl Ray, and Sirhan Sirhan were similarly startled. In two cases, though, I had to go back and excise my removal of the assassins. I didn't like the resultant worlds. Some of our heroes serve us better dead than alive.)

Once I created a world where Jesus Christ never existed. Yeshua ben Yusef went out into the desert to fast and he never came back. Never went to Jerusalem. Never got crucified. Never had followers.

The twentieth century I returned to was—different.


The languages were different, the clothing styles, the maps, everything. The cities were smaller; the buildings were shorter and the streets were narrower. There were fewer cars and they seemed ugly and inefficient. There were slave traders in the city that would have been New York. There were temples to Gods I didn't recognize. Everything was wrong.

I could have been on another planet. The culture was incomprehensible.

I went back and talked myself out of eliminating Jesus Christ.


Hey, check it out... further on in the excerpt, he starts talking about a friend of ours:

Consider it's the far future. You've almost got utopia—the only thing that keeps every man from realizing all of his dreams are all those other people with all their different dreams. So you start selling timebelts—you give them away—pretty soon every man is a king. All the malcontents go off time-jaunting. If you’re one of the malcontents, the only responsibility you need to worry about is policing yourself, not letting schizoid versions run around your timelines.

North Dallas Thirty

Hmmm...."one of the malcontents".

Does that mean, in the future, Mal becomes some sort of benevolent cult leader who imposes a new world order?

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