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May 15, 2006



Yeah, one thing you gotta give Al credit for... he can deadpan like no one else! Ha ha ha...


I LOVED Amy pretending to lick two ice cream cones. She did it with such enthusiasm. I actually started coughing, I was laughing so hard!

John in IL

I'm so offended. I like guys with mustaches. You (and SNL) are totally reinforcing the stereotype that all pervs have mustaches. You are upper lip facial hair haters.


In the MySpace perv skit, was it me or did Julia look like a Katie Couric clone? I mean, it was dead-on (even if it was unintentional) with the voice and look.


The links to the videos are dead :( Can you upload the clips again?


There's an issue with the videos because the ISP that hosts them is having some problems right now. If I interpreted their message right, it was to have been solved a couple of hours ago, but that clearly isn't the case. (Which is why you can't see the new site, malcontent.biz/blog.)


They're working again, thanks Malcontent for your quick response and for the videos!

Jordan Flipsyde

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