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May 03, 2006




I heart you!

Tommy - Athens, Greece


How bout Gay Bashing Day, where we hate on Rosie, Elton, Boy George, etc?

North Dallas Thirty

Darn, I was getting to LIKE these chains.....

Yet Another Mike

One reason I like the "Gay Day" posts is because they're relatively nonpartisan, a rare enough thing to say about a blog with your... advertisers, or of your... bent. A daily aperitif to cleanse the palate, before more challenging main courses like refried $2.99 mac-'n-cheese. Some neutral territory, as it were.

I'm also led to wonder, would the results look different if the choices were "Hike it" or "Hump it"?

But about the entries themselves. I don't know that you've ever explained why you boldface certain names in the birthday section. And, I'm not saying you should explain. Still, I would welcome even a bit more variety.

Maybe some names should be - italicized, for instance. Okay, italics are - a little flamboyant - and kind of a stereotypical, cliche choice of font styles, but for the sake of argument, let's say italicized.

I'm not even certain how you'd go about choosing which names to, you know, italicize. For dead people, I think I imagine Alexander italicized, but maybe not Abraham Lincoln. Among the living, I'm kind of fuzzy on whether I see Jodie Foster or Anne Heche italicized or not. So it would be up to your artistic license there, I think.

I'm not saying you should have to explain why you might sometimes use italics, or be comprehensive in your use of italics, or that these italics need have any inherent meaning.

I'm just suggesting I'd appreciate the added variety of (for instance) italics, I wouldn't mind seeing some italics, there might just maybe be some italics for italic's sake. For italics' sake. For the sake of italics.


WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! I missed the vote! I LOVE Gay Days! I think they're very informative and fun. What's the problem anyway? Does someone have issues with Gay Days?

Love you, love your blog,



I seriously thought we were voting if we like the sandals, or not. Seriously. I was sober when I voted. Maybe I am not as smart as I thought. Bummer.

Famous Author Rob Byrnes

A perfect compromise. You should be in politics or something.


The "Gay Days" posts are cute. It doesn't take a lot of extra time to download them or scroll through them to look for things that might be interesting. Put them back on the front page.


"I wouldn't mind seeing some italics, there might just maybe be some italics for italic's sake. For italics' sake. For the sake of italics."

step away from the bong, Mike.


Michelle, I had not noticed the sandals until you mentioned them. Thanks. Are the named after a Star Wars character?


Too bad i didn't noticed it. Politics can a dirty place to stay.

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