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May 13, 2006


kid number 8

i'm 22..i used to love X-men i had the comic books and the marvel cards and the toys and everything when i was a kid. i watched the original cartoons too. i love x-men.

i dont like actress they picked for ROUGE...
ROUGE is suppose to be super hot and have great wavy hair... and the actress is nothing like that

i also like STORM with long hair...halle berry has short hair in the movie..booo..

North Dallas Thirty

And here I was about to say I LIKED Storm's new modern 'do.

By the way, I think it's "Rogue", not "Rouge". Madame Rouge is a character in DC Comics.


OMG, there is almost too much prettiness to behold in X-Men: The Last Stand.

prettiness must be code for gayness


Oh thank you so much for putting up that clip. I am dying to see the movie. The essence of the movie - cure - is so related to us homos. We, sometimes, are viewed as a disease by others, even our parents.

Love X-Men!


yeah, i have to say that the 'gay as disease' themes are pretty thinly veiled. i'm actually anxious to see this now...


Was kinda worried with Singer not at the helm, but I have to say... This looks pretty kick ass.


The flying pretty-boi looked like something out of Angels in America. Oh yeah, the gay references are very thinly-veiled. However, I love the series and will definitely be seeing this.


Did I see the Juggernaut in there as well? X3 looks pretty good, even without Singer in charge.

I wonder how many movies it'll take for Warren to become Archangel, though. Time will tell.


I do believe this is supposed to be the last X-Men flick (with the exception of the Wolverine spinoff), but knowing Hollywood, it all rests on the box office returns.

I doubt the majority of the actors would sign on for any more installments though.

Another Gaymer

Wow! Just...wow!

A big fat "thank you" for posting this.

Yes, that looked like Juggernaut, sort of. And . . . was Magneto talking to some Morlocks in that church?



While a gay subtext in "The X-Men" seems obvious to queers today, and may have been made intentionally more explicit by the director, it's not what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby probably had in mind when they created the X-Men comic book in the 60's. At that time, the original X-Men (Beast, Cyclops, Marvel Girl [aka Jean Grey/Phoenix], Iceman, and Angel) were all teen-agers. If anything, Lee and Kirby were expressing the sense of alienation from adults that all teenagers feel, and which makes them seem, at least to themselves, as outsiders from mainstream culture. The comic book has already taken up the theme of the film in a highly-regarded graphic novel called, I believe, "God Loves, Man Kills," in which religous and political "purists," create a "cure" for genetic mutation and attempt to ram it down the throat of every mutant in the country. (I hope that producers of the new film give credit to the author and artists of that graphic novel for using their story). It will be interesting to see the response of conservatives. It would be nice if the film sparked some new discussion of the meaning of what is "natural" for human beings, since criticisms of homosexuality are frequently based on its being "unnatural," which is absurd in the face of abundant biological evidence to the contrary (although not, apparently, if you watch "March of the Penguins," which ignores all penguin behaviors that refute their thesis). All that being said, I'm looking forward to seeing the film, if only for the inclusion of many other longstanding X-characters. Judging from the trailer, it seems that Kitty Pride will make a substantial (dis)appearance.

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