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May 12, 2006



Robbie, you're as bad as Rodney "Ho"!

Teach you for not linking to a gay site ...


Extraordinarily clever Robbie


Luv the post. Special mention for the illustation. Can't bare to watch the video. Thanks.


Hmmm ... I dunno, Jesus didn't have a plunging bodice.


I see me some pecs. (Special code for gay is good.)

North Dallas Thirty

Darn....I was hoping for a miracle of some sort. Like the making over of the five thousand, or the healing of the weight-impaired....or maybe turning water into low-calorie chocolate-flavored diet drink.

(rips up envelope containing five-figure donation to Archbishop Robbie)

Hmmm ... I dunno, Jesus didn't have a plunging bodice.

Maybe Jack can create a painting w/ him wearing one.


And a new 'do.

And nails. A manicure for Jesus would be nice.


I love Oprah Winfrey. Business Week reported that she's given a quarter of a billion of her own money to charity, and yet she's so down to Earth. There's no one I respect more.


Does this mean Joy Behar is really Judas?

I knew there was something about that woman I didn't like.


Yeah, at least you get the feeling that she'd at least let you use her bathroom, if you were a guest at one of her homes, unlike one of her disciples this morning (whose questionable weight-loss methods have been gossip fodder long before her rumored departure from said morning program). But I hear from those who've been graced with the opportunity with a personal audience with Her Holiness that she's still a diva, otherwise down-to-earh or not. And of course, as author and recovering druggie James Frey can attest, you do not want to piss off The Oprah.

And what was with all the cleavage, anyway? It was as distracting as the Sacred Heart is in all those icons of Jesus...


I gained so much respect for Oprah when she confronted that well-to-do frat boy James Frey face to face on live TV and held him accountable for misleading her audience making him squirm for the hour. Too bad more media figures didn't hold their guests accountable for dishonesty. James Frey is a grown man in his mid thirties. Should be man enough to handle some tough questions on Oprah.


WHO IS THE trader in the table???

it is....the chick named Starr Jones..she is leaving the VIEW , she wont be returning for next season. She got fired.


I love the name of the JPG. "Oprah_h_christ" Nicely done!


That was mean of the View bitches to put Terri Hatcher on after Oprah. After Oprah, there are NO other guests- just mere mortals posing as gods.

Seriously, why didn't they put Terri on first and have her on for one segment? Oprah is a tough act to follow.


omg. OPRAH IS HUMAN! She has done great things, but she's still a human. and recently, like redhaired-faghag said, she got fat! yay more evidence she is human.

North Dallas Thirty

Well, earth mothers ARE expected to have ample bosoms, wouldn't you think? Hips and thighs would be a bonus. :)

i want oprah now!

i want to suck earth mother's breasts....it will nourish me!!!!


isnt it ironic...she is like a mother to us all and to kids she is helping in south africa, yet she isnt really a biological mother. she has no kids..


Would that be Star Jones miming the slashing of Bab's throat?


Could be...buzz has it that it was Baba who gave her the ax---many would have left the dirty work to their Bill Geddies.


Oprah is awesome. She gave $10 million for the rebuilding efforts in the Hurricane Katrina efforts! A lot of people talk a good game about being Christian or a good person, but Oprah actually does something! Whether it's funding education, fighting against child abuse (she gives money to people who help bring fugitive child rapists to justice), or providing living proof that people can do good, Oprah does it all.

And, I'm sure she must give ND30 a fit with her evil liberal ways.

air force one mid


Bring back Brooke, and we'll talk.

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