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May 08, 2006


Queer Conservative

When they came for the anonymous warehouse-sling sex, I said nothing; for I did not go to creepy warehouses with older, vaguely foreign men in boots . . .

So Joe.My.God will in the first trainload, huh?


I have absolutely no idea what the hell poem you are talking about.

Seriously. I consider myself fairly literate, and you have me at a complete loss.

Going to watch the clip now.


Jamie - It's a take-off on this Holocaust poem that often makes the internet political rounds.

Probably in poor taste, but *shrugs*


From a canadian perspective it's interesting to note that the woman in the piece was, in fact, the first woman prime minister in Canada. She was also a conservative. Since she led the party it has taken a rightward shift to more closely ally with a "christian" political perspective. The current conservative prime minister is trying to overturn a parliamentary vote legalising same-sex marriage. Essentially this is a "do-over" because under the last parliament the granting of same-sex marriage rights was not in line with his thinking.

It's sad to think Canadian politics have come to this - but it's good to know that conservatives in countries other than the US will use their power to not only stop us from getting rights but will actually work hard to remove rights that we had previously been granted.


Thanks Robbie. I might have seen that once before, in high school.

Half a lifetime ago.

I'm not surprised it makes its way around the net to support spurious arguments, though.

Myself--I prefer Homer.

'Cause I'm a Homer-sexual. :)


Robbie, would you consider posting the toe-to-toe debate about religion between the governor and the actor?


Dan - Yeah, I can do. I still have the show in my DVR. I'll put it up tomorrow.

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