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May 15, 2006


el polacko

i dunno dude... it's YOUR site that keeps popping up from all those searches, don't try to pin it all on US. that shirtless thing sounds pretty interesting to me though.


So....IS the Survivor Hunk Aras gay? Obvioiusly, everyone wants to know.

John in IL

When I saw "baskauskas", I thought it was one of those crazy acronyms...back to AI for me.


noooo M, it's Malcontentalicious...



Let me just say for the record, that the one and only way I've reached your blog for the last 3 or 4 weeks is from the link in my own blogroll. So I wash my hands of any responsibility for those referral searches.

Still LMAO...

And somebody own up to the Malcontent shirtless search, please.



...And Mal, I'd love an explanation of how you wound up in the search reasults for guys and their animals porn.

Hoo hoo hoo...


...Still laughing...

North Dallas Thirty

I swear to God, it was not me (although Mal shirtless does have a strange, interesting allure to it).

I'm more curious about the "naked gnomes" part. Are there secret pages showing pornographic lawn art?


Aw Mal, you are a hottie! Ditch the shirt. Yikes! I am your sister, so I recant the request...

Yum Yum

Mal, you are sooooooo making this crap up.

We'll stop making fun of you if you put up a shirtless photo.


Oh he won't do it; even the most narcissistic chums among us have lines that they, their hubristic selves, won't cross.

BTW: Mal, now that you've confirmed that you have collected and stored a good amount of info on the whole lot of us, turn about is only fair play. When will you make for an allowance aboard, in the way of a formal topical post, in which we as Malcontent patrons can publicly submit questions and queries about you and Robbie, in wait of a response?


guys and their animal porn

what the fucking-fuck????!!!!


Let's just hope that the searchers don't think that "naked gnomes" and "malcontent shirtless" are the same thing.


the worst I ever got was "ways to make your dog have sex with you". that doesn't sound consensual


I'm sure they meant "ways to make your dog want to have sex with you," but ran up against the ten-word search limit.


My personal favorite among the Aras keywords:

"aras baskauskas winter hat store"

. . . what?


the MORE IMPORTANT QUESTION is how come these searches lead to your site?!?!?!!?

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