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June 22, 2006



I hope the server's ok

mike in philly

I an seriously missing you guys.Any idea when you will be back?

Sean Cody

Looking forward to you guys getting back on track... I need my daily dose

jack e. jett

please come back to the blogosphere so we can continue to worship you and the dirt that your feet walk upon.
you are more than a blogger to me.
i love you and love to love you.

other people only think about thinking, you really do it

jack e. jett

Mr. Disgruntled

yeah, here's to hoping crap gets fixed soon

does your job make you angry? come tell the world about it!



Was the fish porn-spammed to death?

Was that it, Matt??

We've taken up the vigil for the possibly dead Malcontent at:


Hopefully there is no Facebook memorial page in our future....PLEASE BRING THE MALCONTENT BACK!!!!


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Hi...thanks for letting us know the problem...We miss you guys!

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I hope that you could fix the site as soon as possible.

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