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June 03, 2006



Bruce at GayPatriot has decided in his wisdom, to erase my comments from that site. Apparentely he doesn't like dissenting opinions.

Funny that he's become quite shrill in the last couple of days. Couldn't be that he's not as happy with his darling W. as he once was? Tough to admit defeat I guess.


That's OK, Hank, I'm taking flak from my right flank for actually taking a principled stand on gay marriage.


Good for you.
I've been with my partner for 12 years. I don't think it's too much too ask that we get married and have equal benefits.
NOT SPECIAL RIGHTS. What ever the fuck they are.

Thanks Mal


well i need my fix of my daily gay content, make them fix it faster. ;-) great work btw.


Good luck getting up and running!!!!


d.n.s attact? oh no glad they havent found me. Good luck.

San Jose

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Great post thanks for the article!

Vapor King

are you guys up and running yet?


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