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June 17, 2009



Well, the leading Democratic contender for Governor isn't going, and he was supposed to get an award. Latest is on my blog (shameless plug).

John in Dublin, CA

Welcome back Robbie, its been a long time since I last saw you at Prism Warden. Gay Patriot let us know you were back and as on point as usual.


Robbie, you have GOT to go read Alex Blaze's article at Bilerico. And I quote:

". . . it's that there was definitely a group of gay people who are acting like the power of their demand for full equality should supplant real work, and that what Obama and the Administration did this week was a 'betrayal.'"

As I commented over there, "Real Work?" Alex Blaze, house homo.


I . . . I am going to have a lot to say about that article. Wow. It's going to take an hour just to make an outline of all the stupidity contained in it.

el polacko

any 'gay leader' who attends the fundraiser is a total sell-out who is more interested in the party.. and partying..than they are gay equality.


more drop outs today, I wonder how many would normally come to this event anyway? anyone have figures from last year?


You know I love to disagree with you, Robbie, but I'm with you on this one. We need to divorce ourselves from the idea that only the HRC can speak for us in the halls of power. Throughout the recent gay rights victories and defeats they have been, at best, a PR operation, and at worst a hindrance to the real grass-roots efforts effecting change in this country. The era of expensive dinners and cocktail parties is over.

Turns out Obama was right all along, we are the change we need. He forgot to mention that he wouldn't be there to help us, though. It's time for fresh blood in our civil rights movement.

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hat's a mandate if you're an activist. And so I think that this is a very important message to convey, and really hopefully get things moving a little more quickly in Congress as well as, uh, bringing things to the President's desk to sign.

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I'm all for sensitivity to victims, but at some point the constant, pitying whitewashing starts working against uncovering what is wrong with this city.

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