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June 15, 2009


North Dallas Thirty

Looks good, regardless of what you call yourself. :)

Seriously, the bear community has pretty much gone the way of every other community; label, include, get prissy about it, drive everybody normal away and leave behind those who must capitalize it as "Bear" in order to assert their "identity".


I'm not a beard man (or a bear man!) but I think this actually suits you, Robbie.


Nice nostrils. ;) j/k I like the beard.

I see you're still getting spam at the old rate, though.


Congratulations on the beard, just remember that you'll only be able to keep it like it is for a few years. Gray seems to creep into facial hair faster (or at leat more noticably.) Now that you are going the bear route you can click over to my Flickr page and see what you can be in a few years. www.flickr.com/photos/absolutman See the photo from the car wash.

Nice to see that you're writing here again. I just accidently got here when I clicked an old bookmark.


And this is what I get for posting after having a few. Self-pics. Sigh. There's already a healthy amount of red/blonde in the beard and gray is beginning to creep onto the noggin.

Don - That picture killed several parts of me on the inside. I have never until now known such fear. I . . . I'll be on the bowflex if anyone needs me.


Aww I always wondered what you looked like! I have no concept of the struggle you must have endured to grow a beard, mine started in 6th grade and has been a bane ever since. Congrats on touching it out, they are at least fun to play with till you get beard dandruff and have to shave the whole thing


Is there a picture or something?

I see no picture in Firefox or Chrome. If it's only displaying in IE, then to hell with that. Or perhaps it's just me. In any event, I'm sure it looks lovey etc.

I'm also late to the party so I'm just going to go running and forget about the whole thing.


Oh, no, not the browser. I was shuffling pics in the typepad editor and didn't realize it would kill this. Fixed.


There we go. Viewable in Chrome and everything. Sweet!

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