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June 16, 2009



While not the HRC's usual bend-over-and-take-it tone, there's still room for Solmonese to wipe his chin

That's our Robbie, master of subtlety. Quite apt, too:

Could the party any more plainly and harshly say "Hooray for you! Now pay us."

That about says it all. Though I'd still like to thank whoever lent Solomonese their balls for the day.
And maybe, just maybe, this will wake up some of those who say the republicans aren't any better, because they aren't much worse, either.


I think Solmonese is acting out of pure self-preservation. A Democratic president is his wettest dream, and up until now he's been enjoying it to the fullest. Only after Bellini's reporting on the HRC's non-action on DADT did Solmonese suddenly start sputtering about the administration. The pressure from the DOMA fiasco is too much even for them. Solmonese had to speak out against the administration, or the HRC would have seriously risked irrelevance.

I would like nothing better than to see the HRC blown out of the water. As it is, the MSM didn't even bother reporting on this stuff until HRC weighed in. It betrays the "gatekeeper" status that needs to be eliminated yesterday.


They're irrelevant anyway. It's the year of the internet.

Check this: obama'splanforgayrights.com

Don't click the "huh, what" until last. ;)


oh my.. solmonese stamped his little feet and then apologized for being so noisy. after all, he doesn't want to be left out of the next FABulous cocktail party. he's more interested in being part of the party elite and appearing on cnn than any silly old gay rights stuff.

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