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June 22, 2009



maybe he should call people "faggots" hmm he's so pouty looking


If anything makes me believe in karma, this would be it.

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The perfect response to GLAAD: what, indeed, makes this time so much different than the others?


I am happy to report that i could not agree with you more on this one. Foul, pathetic pig of a man getting rich off of other people's creative product. Seeing him preen in front of any camera that would give him time during his recent stint as a "gay activist" during the Carrie Prejean clusterfuck was almost too much to bear. No amount of weight loss can make that kind of ugly go away.

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HAHA yeah he got assaulted is it really a shock?

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There are only so many times I can say I told you so. And good riddence to the "gay establishment." All they established was a precedent of donating.

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in interview with the Associated press


Is it bashing if were ok with it.. Peachy :)

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It took six pauses to gradually press through the entire egoistic trainwreck.

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like this post just is too excting!
Really I'm agree with Alex. All these nonsense things are happen here.... I don't like it. All these wrong things in the society and It's provides harms to the society.

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I'm all for sensitivity to victims, but at some point the constant, pitying whitewashing starts working against uncovering what is wrong with this city.

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