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June 05, 2009


North Dallas Thirty

First order of business: Robbie, welcome back. And if you see Matt, tell him we miss him and love him.

Second: OMG. Robbie, you're moving here?

John Santos

Robbie's bringing banality back. Dust off your dancing shoes.


NDT - Is true. I don't suppose you know the best method for finding an apartment in the East Bay Area . . .

JS - It's a tall order, but I will attempt it.

North Dallas Thirty

Robbie, I do. Email me and we will converse (mainly because it requires the exchange of a lot of boring information that would gum up the bloggy goodness here). It's still northdallasthirty "at" yahoo-dzhat-com.


Robbie AND NDT on the West Coast?!?! Oh, it's definitely falling into the ocean now.

Good to see you back, Robbie! Can't wait to piss you all off with my Muslim-President-loving ways! ;P


Thank God you're back! You've no idea how much I've missed this blog.


*blinks* why didn't I hear you came back?? did I miss this on Twitter?


wait does this mean I have to post on my old blog too?


I highly encourage all forms of cyber exhumation.

I think Matt does the Malcontent twittering, and I (think) he has much bigger fish to fry these days. Maybe I'll make a twitter for this place. I admit, it's not been my thing, Iran aside.


It was purely by accident that I discovered this blog was born again. I was always so confused by its demise, and thrilled to see it back.


Back is a very . . . flexible description. I forgot about that insidious "I mean to post, but then . . . " affliction which is already rearing its head. Posting requires thinking, but when you're not getting much sleep, thinking is far too much effort.

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