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June 17, 2009


North Dallas Thirty

I do so love watching people who sold themselves to Obama whining about being treated like whores.


John Aravosis is an especially interesting case, as Obama was his own personal Jesus during the primaries and general election. Remember how viciously he went after Clinton while praising every "uhm" Obama ever uttered?

Woman scorned, etc.


There are only so many times I can say I told you so. And good riddence to the "gay establishment." All they established was a precedent of donating.


It's good to see that people can be educated about the real truths of our political establishment and stop depending on groups like HRC to organize legislative attempts to protect and establish our rights. If you want to be a rabble rouser you have to do it yourself. Oh and don't put all your political eggs in one basket.

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Steve Winters

Great Concept..overall amazing idea. Whats wrong with a little competition

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You need to post Evan Lysacek's performance from that night, too! He had quite the night, lookin' fine in his all-black costume, and has rustled up quite a debate about his orientation - despite allegedly having a girlfriend. Give this issue some Malco love!

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Additionally, since this legislation will significantly change the way benefits programs are structured.

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This is outrageous, another slap in the face

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The professional gay overclass that has spent the past twenty years telling politicians they had the community under control seems about to fail spectacularly.

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like this post just is too excting!
Really I'm agree with Alex. All these nonsense things are happen here.... I don't like it. All these wrong things in the society and It's provides harms to the society.

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I'm all for sensitivity to victims, but at some point the constant, pitying whitewashing starts working against uncovering what is wrong with this city.

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God expects answers for the flowers he sends us, not for the sun    the earth.

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