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June 17, 2009



I don't know, I still suspect that O is playing with a pretty big codpiece, but he's turning out to be the guy who invites you over to suck him off but then acts all ashamed and embarrassed about it after.


Don't you just hate it when they're on the DownLow?

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Well,Obama is still doing great blow job in Afghanistan,Iraq.

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They all promise 8″ or more, but when you meet them it’s barely 5″

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like this post just is too excting!
Really I'm agree with Alex. All these nonsense things are happen here.... I don't like it. All these wrong things in the society and It's provides harms to the society.

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I'm all for sensitivity to victims, but at some point the constant, pitying whitewashing starts working against uncovering what is wrong with this city.

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Man is a born child, his power is the power of growth.

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