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July 02, 2009



Psychic? I like entertaining politicians too, and she did not disappoint today.


I think I actually squealed and clapped when I turned on the TV. Well, on the inside at least.

She's so much fun for so many reasons. I am loving this.


I'll give her this much, she's the perfect political pinata: Slap her around enough and something totally sweet is practically bound to fall out.

Still, I've seen charismatic church-goers handling snakes, drinking strychnine and speaking in tongues who were more on message than she was in that press conference this afternoon. If you're gonna totally go all Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett Uncle Sam on the day before his birthday, at least be coherent about it.

Although, I guess that's part of her common-folks charm.


The instant she was plucked from Wasilla by McCain I knew she'd be a hot mess. She was quickly identified as a lightweight which, although it had the fault of being correct, immediately adored her to the anti-elitists (read anti-intellectuals) in the party. Rather than prove them wrong and quietly do some homework she continued to engage them and, when the heat got too hot, folded like a lawn chair, which only validated the lightweight claim. "Whaa, the press is mean to me. I quit." I hate the press, too, but dammit, this is the big leagues. I'm glad to see the back of her.

This closing thought: If she's not resigning for purely political reasons, then please let it be because we're about to learn that she's a cougar sleeping with Levi Johnston. Now that's a piece of news I'd enjoy.


My god it's like watching special needs children play chess, tragic, captivating, and endless!


I fail to see how your criticism of Palin detractors does not apply equally as well to people who can't stop talking about how much they despise Andrew Sullivan, who is arguably much less consequential than she is. There's a kettle I'd like you to meet.

I also fail to see how, as a political pundit by trade, addressing Palin's latest media stunts isn't entirely appropriate for him. A child tossing cans in a grocery store doesn't get paid to do so by an established political commentary magazine brand. He must be something right, because you constantly insist on flinging tomatoes at him from the vegetable aisle. ;)


Oh, it's just a hobby. I've never seen someone whose analysis is so off base, his bigotry so openly expressed, his arguments in such sweeping bad faith. It's like seeing a prostitute walking down the street in open daylight. You can't help but gawk.

Here's just a tiny example I noticed recently. Levi Johnston. He used to be white trash and just a horrible, laughable human being. Now of course, he's a truth-teller and "impossibly handsome". Because Levi is doing what Andrew wants, so now he only sees the good. It's all Sullivan ever does, an extensive hot or not list. No principle or consistency required.

I enjoy loathing him. It's a comment on the state of our media that he's considered a serious thinker. His awfulness is surpassed only by the embarrassment felt towards those who take him so seriously.

And, of course, Sullivan is still telling people in private he doesn't think Trig is Palin's child. It's that unhinged trutherism that runs underneath all of his Palin commentary. The man lost his marbles, but it's in a fun way.


I would like to see a link to any instance of him proclaiming Levi to be white trash and horrible, and therefore unworthy of being taken seriously or being attractive. He was gushing about how cute he was from day 1 by my recollection.

from Oct, 2008: "Man, he's a good-looking high school dropout."

Audrey the Liberal

This might be a result of spending too much time on libertarian blogs, but why the desire to flush America down the drain, just to spite Andrew Sullivan?

Jack Donovan

Shut up. Are you nerds blogging again?

Well, sweet. Now I know where to get drunk and make trouble.

The thing about Palin is that she's so damn hot and kinda awesome in a gun totin, hunting way. I mean, even objectively. She has the magic thing that works on the boob tube. There's no way she should ever hold public office, even for 5 seconds, but I do wholeheartedly approve of her having her own daytime talk show for quasi-conservative housewives.

Their fragile minds get WAAAAY too much Ellen and Oprah. You might as well have your kids read Saul Alinsky during summer vacation.

Daytime TV is where she could really wield the most power. As a politician she's embarassing. But as a celebrity, she's fun.


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