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July 14, 2009



Hmm yeah I don't depend on the news at all these days, it's getting to hard to winnow fact from fiction and agenda from detail.

Oh this should make you smile a little bit
people acting responsibly and deciding not to go along with popular opinion

sometimes pigs do fly!

blewsdawg Rick Caldwell

You're back! And back on Typepad. So it's come to this, has it?

Audrey the Liberal

Maybe if drugs and gambling weren't criminalized, drug and gambling rings wouldn't be criminal enterprises.


:-P you moved to Cali yet?

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mmm Cali is pretty!
I have been there and is nice.

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You have been in Cali?
I want to go there, do you recommend it?


Completely agree to this post, everything is related to the worst end, but this has a very good reason, it pays. If you don't think like that your news is not going to be sold and nobody is gonna read them. Nowadays even death is interesting to sell if you know how to do it... so sad but... so true.


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I'm all for sensitivity to victims, but at some point the constant, pitying whitewashing starts working against uncovering what is wrong with this city.


With Chicago sunk deep into an epidemic of youth murders and violence, the local media seem to have elevated this sort of papering over to an art form.

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What's stranger is the editorial choice to clean the comments about the victim while leaving intact the one about the suspect.

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The coverage was the usual "My baby was a nice boy and never did anything wrong." Flowers, vigils, the victim well-liked and friendly, smiling in school photos.

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yes.. this is really true. but sometimes they just cover up some negative things because of the thought that the kid is already dead. Maybe they are just doing it so that the family member's hearts won't be crushed.

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