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July 14, 2009


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It sounds too pretentious for me

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hi! With Chicago sunk deep into an epidemic of youth murders and violence, the local media seem to have elevated this sort of papering over to an art form. One story last year detailed a twelve or thirteen year-old kid murdered for cash.

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However, the word Universe was understood to mean the entirety of existence, so this expression fell into disuse and the objects instead became known as galaxies.

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Completely agree to this post, everything is related to the worst end, but this has a very good reason, it pays. If you don't think like that your news is not going to be sold and nobody is gonna read them. Nowadays even death is interesting to sell if you know how to do it... so sad but... so true.


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I find this spambot conversation to be quite fascinating. I particularly agree with Dental Care.

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it was kind of amazing that the commenters were explaining what happened in far more depth and detail than the reporters.


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