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July 06, 2009



So, then, my equally speculative question is, if that were the reason she quit, why not just, you know, SAY THAT in her rambling press conference?


I thought that's what she was saying. Granted, I wasn't listening closely, but I thought that was the general drift of it.


Maybe that was part of it, Robbie. But she said that she was a lame duck, and she explained that some lame duck governors travel, draw a pay check, "milk it," etc, and didn't think it was fair to her constituents to be put through that, as if there is some cosmic force to make her do that, even though she said that's not her style.

Who knows what the real reasons are? Maybe it was a combination of things, since the speech contained a slew of possible reasons along with metaphors. And who knows what her political ambitions, if any, will be.


I think quitting was a bad decision, and if she wants to stay in politics it's going to haunt her, however if she's not, there are few down sides..


Well, I personally have no use for the simpleton, but in spite of myself I tend to think her youngest child has a lot to do with it and give her credit in that regard.

Then again, maybe her brain is just frozen.


I love how people that claim to despise her keep talking about her. It's like a mental illness with them.


You've got a point, Kevin. People despise Bush, Clinton, Carter, Reagan, Ted Kennedy, etc., and they still keep talking about them.


I think the ironic thing about your theory here is that she most certainly was not "inconsequential" until she pulled this stunt (and I optimistically believe that she now is just that). The woman was one of four people who could have conceivably been the President of these United States. I fail to see how that makes her inconsequential, or how that makes those of us who were absolutely horrified by that possibility insecure or "bigoted". If disliking stupid people is bigoted, then I'll just have to live with the label.

To Kevin's point, I also fail to see how someone like her, who is still (by her own devices mainly) a media darling isn't appropriate to talk about and comment on. Her pathetic attempts to paint herself as some sort of down-home real American who is so distraught because the big, mean liberal media machine keeps picking on her fall flatter and flatter as she poses and preens for the nearest available camera.

That this failure of a politician is (or was) considered to be a serious player in the post-apocalyptic nightmare that is the GOP currently pretty much tells me everything I need to know about why they have ceased to be a legitimate opposition party. And I honestly say that with great sadness, because we all know what happens when the Dems go unchecked.


Don't worry Kevin, I always say, "Bless her heart," right after I call her a "raging case of syphilis slowly eating away at the brain of modern politics."

After all, I'm from the technical South. I was raised with manners.


you've got the South down perfectly. I've always said that we smile sweetly while slipping the knife into your back.


I'm sorry, what was that you were saying about her being "inconsequential"?


What does she have to do to lose her perplexing grip on the GOP? Release a sex tape of her and Al Franken doing it doggy-style?

Audrey the Liberal

I don't really care for the Palinesta, I'm just happy to see Robbie and The Malcontent back on-line. Happy Blogging, and Paul/Flake '12!


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Sarah Palin did say that the reason she quit is that it was costing the Alaskan people, tax dollars, to much to defend her from these frivolous ethics complaints and law suits. These people that bring on these frivolous law suits should be investigated for their impotent and childlike behavior.

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