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August 18, 2005

Just To Prove I'm Not Crazy ...


I wasn't quick enough with the camera phone when I wrote this initial post, so I made a Photoshop mock-up instead.

But now an alert reader (thanks, Dan!) has sent me this photo taken in the West Village:


August 03, 2005

That Chelsea Sure Is a Friendly Place!

Nyc Malbug_14One of the sad vestiges of New York's spectacular failure as a candidate city for the 2012 Olympics is the ill-considered ad buy on MTA buses.  Nearly a month after the IOC gave us the ol' Heisman, the buses still sport banner ads proclaiming hopeful slogans such as, "Every Flag Will Wave."

If it weren't embarrassing enough being reminded long after the fact of the internecine battles that doubtlessly contributed to the IOC's humiliating stiff-arm, there is also the clever vandal who has covered up some of the "L's" in the ads with black electrical tape, resulting in a far different message.  (Queens everywhere are practicing now: "Wrist-wrist, elbow-elbow, ...")

It calls to mind the brilliant spoof of the official logo that actually fooled a TV station in Australia.

As a fag, I take the altered message at face value.  It was probably intended as a subtle prank, as opposed to the more systematic and malevolent defacement of other NYC 2012 posters.