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May 09, 2006

The Lesbian Brain


More evidence for nature over nurtureShhhh, don't tell NARAL.

November 16, 2005

Leaving the Cabin

Malbug_13Even in a hotel ballroom in Midtown, Gay Patriot breaks news about the Log Cabin Republicans: It seems the alliance between gay-rights and pro-abortion groups grows ever stronger.

Look, I will "come out" and say that I am essentially "pro-choice."  I am part of that vast middle out in the country that feels uncomfortable either outlawing abortion altogether, or opposing reasonable restrictions such as parental notification or banning partial-birth abortion infanticide.  But this growing nexus between gay-rights organizations and abortion-rights groups just baffles me.

As I told GP, if "privacy issues" are the supposed common denominator between these groups, as espoused by people like Joe Solomonese, then how come we don't see alliances between, say, NARAL and these guys?

I suspect the answer is because it is another case of Democratic identity-politics at work.  Chris Barron is a nice enough guy, but you'll forgive me when I chuckle about a role involving "Republican outreach" for Planned Parenthood, especially given his background as a former Democrat activist.

Then again, that might be the only kind of Republican who would fit in there.

October 07, 2005

A Huge Point in Her Favor


From the Kansas City Star (reg. req.):

U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback, a Republican from Kansas and a conservative weathervane on Harriet Miers’ nomination to the Supreme Court, did little to disguise his disappointment Thursday after their hourlong meeting. [...]

He said he and Miers discussed Roe v. Wade, which granted women the right to an abortion, but in the context of the Griswold v. Connecticut case. That was an earlier ruling in which the court said the Constitution essentially contains a right to privacy. Conservatives disagree.

“She did not take a position on it,” Brownback said, referring to the Griswold case, “nor did she say she would take a position on it, nor did she think it appropriate to have a position on it.”

And this differs from virtually any other Supreme Court nominee in the past two decades ... how?

The petty, unfunny remark of the day comes via the eternally classless Tom Harkin, from the same news story:

As he walked by reporters and was told that Brownback and Miers were meeting in private, U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, a Democrat from Iowa, said with a chuckle, “That’s a come-to-Jesus meeting.”

Knowing Tom Harkin, it was less joke than it was a bias revealed.

August 10, 2005

NARAL Plays Dubious Game of Moral Superiority


For an organization that advocates the right to kill the unborn anywhere, anytime, NARAL is sure playing a dangerous game in trying to assert moral superiority for the tactics they are employing against SCOTUS nominee John Roberts.

After being exposed as playing extremely fast and loose with the truth, NARAL is now attacking its attackers.

NARAL released an ad accusing Roberts of "supporting ... a convicted clinic bomber."  Problem is, the case in question occurred seven years before the bombing occurred.  As FactCheck.org, not exactly a partisan ax-grinder, points out, the ad at best leaves a "false implication" about Roberts' supporting violence.

NARAL's defense, however, amounts to little more than Gore-like legalisms -- lame excuses as to how the ad might be somewhat true on its face, while ignoring the false but logical inferences they are looking for viewers to draw from the slick juxtaposition of text, narration and video.

Read the FactCheck analysis for yourself.  Any dispassionate person should agree that the pro-abortion crowd has jerked a foul ball deep into the stands on this one.  If this is the best the loony left can gin up in their campaign against the "insert name here" nominee, then Judge Roberts should find it smooth sailing on his way to the bench.

There are eerie echos of the scurrilous and inflammatory NAACP/James Byrd ads against George Bush in 2000.  The left should be ashamed of itself.