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August 05, 2005

Althouse Responds


Ann Althouse has rapped me for "flipping out" by including her among people on the right I believed to be "flipping out" about John Roberts' work on the Romer v Evans case.  (I also included a link to FreeRepublic, which is certainly not usually the level of discourse in a league with Ann's.)

Althouse's post essentially dwells on the distinction between pro bono representation and merely working on behalf of any old client.  I had believed her hard emphasis on the word "donating" to constitute at least mild "flipping out" about Roberts' actions.  And she makes while a slightly different argument than other conservatives, it was not inconsistent with the reaction I have seen on the right end of the blogosphere.

I have rarely been accused of having difficulties with reading comprehension.  But if I have indeed misconstrued or misrepresented her, I apologize.  I would do so a little more directly, but she doesn't post her email address, and I would need a Blogger account to comment on her site -- both substantial hurdles to productive dialogue.

I will note, however, that I also link to Althouse when I agree with her.