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April 06, 2006

Probably Tasteless, Totally Accurate

While Illinois continues to struggle over the implosion of our state hate crimes commission in the face of Islamic anti-semitism, the Anti-Defamation League released its quarterly report documenting a sharp rise in Jew hatred within the Chicagoland area.

Jews are often the canaries in the coal mine of tolerance, and any increase in attacks or rhetoric against them is worthy of concern. However, note the last item in the list offered by the Sun-Times as part of recorded anti-Jewish sentiment:

*A customer at a UPS store in Chicago telling the store manager, "You're acting like Nazis in here," on March 14.

Look, I'm as hyper-aware of anti-semitism as a Gentile can possibly get, but even I'm not sure the people who work in UPS stores aren't Nazis. The last time I attempted to mail work papers in bulk through them, they weighed, re-weighed, and inspected the packages with an exactitude generally reserved for Columbian drug lords. I always harbored an idle curiosity about the stack of sandpaper on the local store's counter until I realized it was being saved for the reach around after the shipments disappeared into the flaming abyss that is their Louisville hub.

Sorry, ADL. I'm with the customer on this one.

March 31, 2006

McKinney's Basic Instinct

Malbug_13As I write this, Cynthia McKinney and her fellow race hustlers are pleading the notoriously anti-Semitic congresswoman's case in her cop-smacking incident at a news conference before a hallelujah chorus at Howard University.  The case being, naturally, that the cop she physically assaulted was racist (and a far cry from her much more conciliatory "official" statement).

I'll leave my personal feelings about the congresswoman aside for the moment, or the cast of characters backing her up that included the America-hating Harry Belafonte, but I was struck by at least one thing:

Two rationales were provided for McKinney's behavior.  First, that the Capitol Police should be better trained to know who the Members of Congress are because it has a bearing on their safety.  (I'd add that a 10-year political veteran of D.C. like myself also can no longer recognize her after she ditched her trademark braids for a radically different 'do.)  I have also personally witnessed something similar happen to a white senator.

And second, Team McKinney is alleging that the police officer knew who she was and was harassing her merely because of her race.

Now, if you're going to mount a defense in advance of what is reportedly her potential arrest, shouldn't you at least be sure that the two reasons you give aren't directly contradictory?

March 10, 2006

Hate is in the Eye of the Beholder

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich finally responded to critics over the controversy ripping apart the state's anti-discrimination and hate crimes panel, mainly by saying little or nothing at all about just what he intends to do towards restoring unity to the commission.

"What's happened at this commission raises a much bigger challenge that all of us have, and that is to try to bring communities and people together," he said in Bolingbrook after an event touting his $3.2 billion road and school construction proposal. "I am personally going to be involved, and I am personally going to make sure we do everything we can to bring people together."

The dirty little secret about the panel is that it is a largely insignificant body intended to pay feel good lip service through nebulous, vaguely defined terms like "dialogue" and "reaching out to communities." Reconstituted after Blagojevich took office in 2003, the panel has met in full only two times, and the governor remained completely unaware a Nation of Islam representative had been named to the commission until informed by the media well after the original two resignations by Jewish commissioners. Very belatedly responding to Louis Farrakhan's remarks, the governor stated:

"I condemn what Minister Farrakhan said . . . They were anti-Semitic remarks. They were hateful and they were harmful, but I don't believe in guilt by association. . . . Ms. Muhammad has expressed in a very open way her commitment to continue to work on the mission of the hate crimes commission."

Now, I'm fairly sure I wouldn't wish Fred Phelps anywhere near an anti-discrimination panel. Furthermore, I wouldn't trust any member of his "church" to represent him. Similarly, the Nation of Islam is notorious for anti-semitic and anti-gay remarks. This is absolutely indisputable. There is little justifying the presence of a commissioner who cannot make even a cursory repudiation of Farrakhan's bigoted statements.

Why does Blagojevich continue to defend the Nation of Islam representative? Because this Democratic governor, facing an uncertain re-election battle against a socially moderate Republican this fall, fears one thing and one thing only in this controversy - his black constituency.

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March 08, 2006

Hating Hate Is The Real Hatred of Haters

Things have not improved since last week's eruption of the Illinois hate crimes commission. In fact, they've grown worse, with two more panelists resigning in protest against the anti-semitic and homophobic remarks given by Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, at a recent gathering.

The Nation of Islam, however, is very much the victim in these matters:

NationofislamFarrakhan's chief of staff, Brother Leonard Muhammad, said on the radio Tuesday that the Nation of Islam forgave the people who left the commission because "you left out of confusion. You misunderstand what the commission is all about. Come back to the commission and debate your point."

He later issued a stronger challenge to them to return.

"They need to come back or shut up," Leonard Muhammad said.

"And leave me alone," Claudette Muhammad chimed in.

Rod Blagojevich has dealt with this ably and deftly:

For the second straight day, the Democratic governor refused to answer reporters' questions about the commission. He discussed other topics during an appearance in Effingham but shut the door of his SUV and drove off when asked about Muhammad's statement that Farrakhan's remarks were merely "perceived" as anti-Semitic.

Sure, the governor could defend Jews and homosexuals when confronted with animosity from the Nation of Islam, but that would mean taking on Islam and an increasing community of defensive black politicians. Jews and mo's best learn their place in the victim pecking order.

If you care to have a gander at some of these people as they've taken to the airwaves, here's a clip of a local news story from last night.

[Watch video – 1:28, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 1:28, WMV format, low bandwidth]

March 03, 2006

Multiple Identity Politics Disorder

The top story in Chicago today is the implosion of our state's hate panel. What happens when one minority really, really dislikes all the other minorities?

Gov. Blagojevich's anti-discrimination panel seethed with acrimony Thursday as two leading Jewish members resigned, refusing to serve alongside a Nation of Islam official who was unwilling to condemn controversial remarks by Minister Louis Farrakhan. [. . .]

At a packed United Center on Sunday, Farrakhan hit "Hollywood Jews" for "promoting lesbianism, homosexuality" and other "filth." He also said conservatives and Zionists manipulated President Bush into war.

Strange circumstances make for strange allies. Don't worry, though. Some law-makers are already blaming the Jews:

The dispute devolved into a nasty fight that strained longtime friendships and relationships at the Capitol as Jewish, gay and conservative Republican lawmakers sought Johnson's ouster while key black lawmakers sprang to her defense. [. . .]

"Given the mission of the commission to look at discrimination and hatred, I think these two are demonstrating their hatred ... of others is too big to effectively do their jobs. It may be the best for the commission," Trotter said.

Yes, intolerance of the Nation of Islam's intolerance is the real hatred here.

Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton incoming in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . .

October 19, 2005

Paging Norma Desmond . . .

Cindy3  "Peace Mom" and resident lunatic, Cindy Sheehan, proves why it is ultimately useless for any politician to deal with her.

Cindy Sheehan, the so-called "peace mom" on a crusade to end U.S. involvement in the Iraq war, is publicly blasting Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., for her continued support of the ongoing conflict.

"I think she is a political animal who believes she has to be a war hawk to keep up with the big boys," Sheehan writes in an open letter. "I would love to support Hillary for president if she would come out against the travesty in Iraq. But I don't think she can speak out against the occupation, because she supports it. I will not make the mistake of supporting another pro-war Democrat for president again: As I won't support a pro-war Republican."

Earlier this morning, Mother Sheehan accused U.S. Air Force Reserve forces of "hostile action" against the "sovereign airspace" of Hurricane Wilma. Responding to claims by Department of Defense spokesman, Lawrence DeRita, that the aircraft was engaged in meteorological reconnaissance, Sheehan released a blistering statement:

Once again the Bush administration has used the pretext of humanitarian disaster to advance its imperialist, neo-con agenda into the furthest reaches of the Carribbean. My son Casey did not die so Zionist forces within government might countenance war with the great statesman, Fidel Castro, by sending military units perilously close to the worker's paradise of Cuba.

Ms. Sheehan's twenty spokespeople, Jesse Jackson, and an underutilized therapist could not be reached for comment.

Mmmm, Infidel Bacon . . .

Homer  D'oh!

(Oct. 18) -- After 17 seasons of entertaining U.S. audiences, "The Simpsons" can now be seen on Arab television. While U.S. foreign policy is not always a hit overseas, there is a huge audience for American popular culture.

So the Arab satellite network MBC is bringing the cartoon saga of Springfield to the heart of the Arab world. "The Simpsons" has been exported overseas and is now called "Al Shamshoon."

The article notes "anti-Islamic" Homeric staples such as bacon, beer, and Moe's will be removed from the Arab version.

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October 06, 2005

The Real Culture War

Evil They were being persecuted, while others wrestled over the minutiae of the Lutheran Church. The executor fit the nooses snugly around their necks. We found the intra-faith dynamics of lesbian ministers fascinating. And while the rest of the world shouted in protest, we remained thunderously silent.

In the American culture wars, we wrestle over abortion, gay marriage, Tinky Winky, and whether or not God punished New Orleans for the excellent Southern Decadence festival. Safely ensconced in a society and nation firmly rooted in the values of the Enlightenment and individual freedom, too many of those who claim to speak for us have allowed themselves to wallow in their own pet, partisan causes as a growing darkness menaces the Western world.

Many of us now find ourselves asking, "American GLBT Groups - Where are you?"

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August 14, 2005

"Patriotism in Action"


Cindysheehan A few questions:

I would like to ask Howard Dean and the Democratic leaders (whoever they are these days -- maybe George Soros and Al Franken?) if their party truly believes that it is "patriotism in action" to demand Israel's unilateral capitulation to "Palestine"?  Why do they consistently take the side of soldiers' family members who are against the War on Terror, rather than those who favor it?  Why are they so closely associating themselves with someone who is threatening to dodge their federal tax obligations?

If not, then why is it that the Democrats are so quick these days to ally themselves with out-of-control anti-Semites, merely because they are also anti-Bush?

Elsewhere, GOP Vixen has a good answer to Cindy's salient question: "(Bush) said my son died in a noble cause, and I want to ask him what that noble cause is."

LimeShubert does some armchair analysis:"I don’t hear Cindy talking about all the things CASEY will miss out on, she is constantly focused on herself and what SHE is going through."

Ann Althouse says it's dangerous for Drudge (linked above) to focus on one individual and what she might say at any given moment.  (I would respond that that's precisely what the left has done, but from an anti-war/anti-Bush perspective.)